TBT: Modest Mouse – Gravity Rides Everything

Every Thursday we pick a great song from the past. Huge bands, musical oddities, one-hit wonders, and everything in-between.

Gravity Rides Everything by Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica (2000)

It’s really hard to believe that The Moon & Antarctica is almost 15 years old. What many believe is Modest Mouse’s greatest musical achievement has so many outstanding tracks that it is almost impossible to choose just one for this post. From the incredible opening notes of starter track “3rd Planet”, to the swirling acoustic rhythms of “Wild Pack of Family Dogs”, the album is a remarkable listening journey. The Moon & Antarctica represents the band’s first release on a major label and a slight departure in sound compared to the sparse and edgy sound of their first two releases. Still, many hailed The Moon & Antarctica as Isaac Brock’s “weirdest record yet”. Regardless of the differing opinions of musical pundits, no-one can argue that the album let the listener journey even further into the dark and mysterious mind of Brock, whose imagistic lyrics are just as unique and clever as ever.

Have a listen to the #2 track on the album, “Gravity Rides Everything”, which bounds along at an almost joyful pace and when Isaac Brock poses the question: “What’s that riding on your everything?” – I myself am relieved to hear that “It isn’t anything at all”.

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Oh gotta see, gotta know right now
What’s that riding on your everything?
It isn’t anything at all
Oh gotta see, gotta know right now
What’s that riding on your shelf?
In the bathrooms, and the bad motels?
No one really cared for it at all
Not the gravity plant
Early, early in the morning
It pulls all on down my sore feet
I wanna go back to sleep
In the motions and the things that you say
It all will fall, fall right into place
As fruit drops, flesh it sags
Everything will fall right into place
When we die, some sink in some lake
But at least I don’t see you float away
And all the spilt milk, sex and weight
It all will fall, fall right into place