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TDSB Blocking Use of Instagram, Snapchat, and Netflix in Schools

Apparently students using social media and Netflix during school hours have been sucking up the Toronto District School Board’s bandwidth.

From now until school is up, TDSB has officially blocked Wi-Fi access to Snapchat, Instagram, and Netflix. Apparently the three sites have racked up a daily network usage of 20 per cent for the TDSB.

“As mobile device usage increases, so do the demands on this network, which was not designed to support this level of activity,” according to the board.

Apparently the usage on these sites have caused the TDSB network to lag, which interrupts daily activities like “daily attendance, registering students, generating and printing report cards and submitting information to the Ministry have become almost impossible to complete.” The networks are meant to be used for such tasks, and according to the board, Snapchat, Instagram, and Netflix are not necessary for school learning. These are the three sites that students use the most, which is why they were chosen to be blocked.

However, the TDSB emphasizes that this move is only temporary, and is in effect until June 30.

Feature photo courtesy Pixabay.

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