TDSB Won’t Schedule Future Trips to the United States

24 previously approved trips scheduled to go on as planned.

The Toronto District School Board says it will not book any new trips to the United States, citing travel restrictions announced by Donald Trump as the reason.

Already approved trips are scheduled to go as planned while no Executive Order is in effect, although cancellations could be in order down the road. No future student or staff trips to the U.S. will be booked for the foreseeable future.

“After much consultation and thought, and because at this time, no Executive Order is in place, we have reached the decision that school trips to the U.S. that have already been approved — 24 trips involving approximately 800 students as well as approximately 100 students attending the DECA competition — will be allowed to proceed to ensure that students do not miss out on these opportunities,” the TDSB announced in a statement on its website.

“At the same time, no student or staff trips to the U.S. will be booked until further notice. While already-approved trips are proceeding at this time, it’s important to note that should the Executive Order be fully implemented, resulting in any of our students being excluded from trips across the U.S. border, then the Board has asked me to cancel already-approved trips to the U.S. for the remainder of this school year. In this event, the Board would reimburse students, parents and staff any incurred costs not covered by insurance.”

The Girl Guides of Canada announced plans to cancel trips to the U.S. earlier this month amid concerns of the potential for some participants getting turned away at the border.