Teachers Trade in Desks for Bikes and Test Scores Soar

"Don't sit still!"

North Carolina elementary school counselor Scott Ertl was at the gym reading a book on the stationary bike when a light bulb went off.

Like many of us, it’s hard enough to find time to go to the gym or read a book, let alone both. But what if you could combine the two?

Ertle decided to experiment at his school, starting with just one exercise bike in the corner of a classroom. The activity was so popular, the school began combing Craigslist and garage sales for exercise bikes collecting dust in basements. Eventually, Ertle had filled an entire classroom with stationary bikes and dubbed it “Read and Ride”.


Teaches signed their students up for 15-20 minute blocks where they would bring a book or read an educational magazine. The program was so well received that the staff wanted to see if moving and reading had actual learning benefits. The school collected data after standardized tests and realized that scores and proficiency improved.

The Read and Ride trend has now been introduced in 30 states across America, and not just on bikes, but under desk ellipticals, exercise balls, and Bouncy Bands as well.


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(All photos courtesy of ReadAndRide.com)