Teen Dies Of Suspected OD at Rebel Night Club

A tragedy at popular nightclub causes city counsellor to investigate

It is being reported that a 19-year-old young woman has passed away from a suspected overdose of MDMA at an all-ages party at Rebel Night Club (formerly known as Sound Academy) near Polson Pier in the Toronto Portlands.

It is also being reported that two other people were taken to the hospital — also of a suspected overdose — but only the one young woman died.

Toronto councillor Paula Fletcher issued comment on the incident calling for better health and safety measures at similar concerts in the future.

When you have a big star playing and you know it’s a younger crowd that likes a certain type of drug, there needs to be a very strong medical plan for what can and mostly likely will be, overdoses. I’m going to ask city officials to review this situation from Friday night,” Fletcher said.

The nightclub is owned by Ink. Entertainment, who issued a statement.


We extend our sincerest condolences to the family and friends of the patron who passed away, and will keep them in our prayers during this difficult time.

REBEL has a zero tolerance drug policy, and also subjects every patron entering the venue to a full search. Anyone who is caught with an illegal substance is immediately denied entry. We employ an EMS company on-site for every music concert and club night.

The event on Friday December 16th was an all-ages concert, with a separated licensed area for 19+ guests.

Public safety and security is our top priority at INK Entertainment and we will continue to ensure that it remains that way with the highest standard of support.

We are fully cooperating with the police on the investigation. Due to the fact that this is an ongoing investigation, we cannot comment further on this matter.

Elaine Quan
Director, Public Relations