Tegan and Sara Announce New Album ‘Love You To Death’

This will be the duo's eighth full album

Exciting news for Tegan and Sara fans, the sister duo confirmed that their eighth full-length album will be out this spring.

The new album is titled Love You To Death and will be released on June 3. Love You To Death is a follow-up album to the 2013 release of Heartthrob.

The pair announced on their Facebook that some music off of the album will be available on April 8th. They also said that the album cover will be revealed today through their Instagram. Tegan and Sara have been teasing their fans on Instagram with a series of photos that, if viewed from the profile page, create larger images. Could this be the album art? We’ll have to wait and see.


Tegan and Sara will be performing at the Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel on May 6 as a part of Canadian Music Week.

(Photo courtesy of Tegan and Sara via Facebook.)