Listen: Tei Shi Explores Dangerous Love in “How Far”

"If It pleases you to see me struggle, then I will"

New York’s Tei Shi dropped a sultry new track today from her upcoming record Crawl Space.

“How Far” questions how relationships change both parties, leading towards an inevitable breaking point. Her lyrics picture a poisonous relationship where one finds pleasure in the other’s misfortune, “It pleases you to say you’re sorry when you’re not / It’s a dangerous slip of the tongue”. She continues with devastating lyrics, “If It pleases you to see me struggle, then I will,” before questioning “how far can I take this before it shakes us?”

“‘How Far’ talks about the process of attempting to change one another in a relationship, and the final desperate point — the last attempt — before acceptance,” Tei Shi told Fader.

Take a listen below:

Crawl Space arrives on March 31 via Downtown Records.
Image via Facebook