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Ten Kills The Pack | Indie88 Black Box Sessions

In this hauntingly beautiful performance, singer-songwriter Ten Kills the Pack (Sean Sroka) delivers a poignant rendition of his song “Lying in the Grass Thinking About Death”. Shot live in an intimate setting, Ten Kills the Pack’s ethereal vocals and evocative guitar work create a sense of introspection and reflection. With a style that blends elements of folk, indie, and rock, Ten Kills the Pack’s unique sound is both captivating and immersive.

Sroka also gave us an intimate and stripped-down acoustic rendition of his song “God, Love, Prescriptions, and Politics.” Shot live at Indie88 in the Black Box Studio, Ten Kills the Pack’s powerful vocals and emotive guitar work shine in this intimate setting.

Both tracks are featured on Ten Kills The Pack’s new album Thank You for Trying: ACT I & II, which was released March 10 via Nettwerk.

‘Thank You for Trying’ is a two act concept album that follows “the artists journey” tied to an entire thematic thread of hope. It’s a journey that speaks to the story of all artists through a narrator that loosely follows the contours of my own experience. It’s an album about longing, about loneliness, about desire, about futility, and about failure. It’s a narrative that’s so close to the bone for anyone who has ever had a wish that the universe hasn’t granted yet. Anybody who’s wanted to be something different, something more, who’s aspired to be an artist, who’s aspired to be loved, who’s aspired to feel normal, or who’s aspired to be understood.

Parallel to the subjects structured together are woven interludes of old song voice memos, tiring green rooms, the muffled news clips we try to avoid, and skits of poetry readings gone wrong, which all bubble to the surface of ambient off cuts and pieces of songs to come.

Stemming from the last line of ‘Honestly, Fuck You’, “Thank You for Trying” stands as its own statement, ideally bridging relating experiences of artists and appreciators.

A lot of this album include pieces of raw recordings from my home on rainy days mixed with fantastic studio captured sonics for its larger less intimate moments. Aside from the albums narrative journey, the piece as a whole incorporates the subtle technical elements I love, of almost secret time signature changes and a flowing key change, as well as textured field recordings, and skits of ‘produced life’ that help create the albums unique shape.

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