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Ten Kills the Pack sings of the ‘dream-like scenes’ of a depressive episode on new single ‘Curbside Panic Attack,’ announces new EP

Toronto indie outfit Ten Kills the Pack is back with a video for “Curbside Panic Attack.” The track comes on the heels of the announcement of a new EP, Thank You For Trying: ACT I, out September 16th via Nettwerk.

Co-produced by Marcus Paquin, the new single is a rumination on mental health. Throughout the intimate, vulnerable single, frontman and songwriter Sean Sroka sings of anxiety and depression. Created by director Luke Nairn and Sroka, the cinematic accompanying video follows a day in the life of a boy in Mexico.

“The lyrics (originally in a more freeform poetry format) try to walk and flip you through the internal thoughts and the immediate external motions happening around a person in the middle of a situation like a panic attack or bout of depression,” Sroka explains. “By the time we arrive at the bridge of the song, the lyrical moments of reflection of this characters’ previous selves leave it to the reader or listener to decide if this is a flash of life before their eyes or if it’s a reflection of moments what grounds them and keeps them going.”

Watch the video for “Curbside Panic Attack” below.

“Because the lyrics of the song can naturally be quite visual, when working with friend and collaborator Luke Nairn, we decided to think more about the feelings and the abstract visuals that the music gave us,” Sroka adds. “A way to shape a new type of creative moment for it to ‘be’ and a new looser narrative for it to accompany.”

In addition to “Curbside Panic Attack,” Thank You For Trying: ACT I features “Honestly, Fuck You.”

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