Terrifying Video of Snowboarder Singing Rihanna While a Bear Chases Her

Real or fake?

This will have adventurers holding their breath.

Kelly Murphy was out for a rip in Japan’s Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park with her music cranked loud and Go Pro in hand. Apparently she was so entwined in Rihanna’s “Work” that she didn’t notice a GIANT EFFING GRIZZ CHASING HER!?! It was only when she uploaded the footage to YouTube that she learned about her almost real life Revenant scene.

Check out the full shocking footage in the player above.

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If house hippos taught us anything, it’s not to believe everything we see on TV (or the internet in this case). That begs the question: is this real or fake?

Either way, this is a real fear of any nature-loving adventure seeker. Stay safe out there my fellow wanderers.