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The 10 Largest Bands in Indie Rock

From dynamite duos to rock orchestras, the number of members an indie rock band has can fall all over the map. Here, we take a look at bands that fill the stage during live performances, forcing you to wonder whether every single member on that stage is actually contributing to the music.

Take a look at our list of indie bands with a lot of members.

Arcade Fire

The Montreal-born band have seven current members and seven past members. Made up of a combination of family members and friends, Arcade Fire knows how to fill a stage while sharing over a dozen different instruments throughout one set.


The New Pornographers

The New Pornographers are definitely a big indie band, with eight current members (with one inactive) and two former members. Although Dan Bejar was not involved in the band’s most recent album, the artist is still considered a current member by the band.


The Strumbellas

Although this band only has six members compared to other bands on this list, if you’ve ever seen The Strumbellas on a tight stage, it’s hard not to notice that the Canadian group knows how to occupy space.


Broken Social Scene

With as many as 19-25 members listed, Broken Social Scene is a “musical collective” comprised of various Canadian artists, most simultaneously working on other projects. Among its hefty roster includes Leslie Feist, Stars’ Torquil Campbell, members of Do Make Say Think, and Emily Haines of Metric.


Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros

Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros is comprised of a total of 10 members, not including the number of musicians that hold spots on the band’s albums. With one of the band’s main acts, Jade Castrinos, departing in 2013, there is no shortage of drama within this big band.


I’m from Barcelona

This pop group from Sweden is known for having 28 band members…28! Sounds exhausting, but with five albums and counting, they seem to make it work.


The Polyphonic Spree

This unique choral rock band includes a choir, so their massive size makes sense. Their roster is so big that their list of former members more than doubles on their current members.



The eight-member afro-folk group from Guelph portrays a kind of stage presence that makes eight people look like 16, but in a good way. They fill the stage with dancing and intoxicating vibes, especially when playing at wholesome Guelph venues like the eBar.


The World Is a Beautiful Place & I Am No Longer Afraid to Die

The Connecticut emo rock band takes the cake for having one of the longest band names on top of a stacked lineup. Say their name five times fast, I dare you.


Library Voices

It’s hard not to love Library Voices. The Saskatchewan band currently hosts seven members, though they started off with 10 back in 2008.

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