The 10 Most Terror-Inducing Toys from our Childhood

No no no no no

Every now and then you might rumble through your old stuff at your parents house, buried deep beneath the old patio furniture in the basement, and re-discover some awesome stuff from your childhood. But among the birthday cards, Legos and Beanie Babies are your less innocent-looking toys. Those are the ones that you had no problem playing with as a child, but as a fully grown adult they give you nightmares. For that reason, we put together this list of the 10 most terrifying children’s toys from your childhood.


I’ll never forget opening up my friend’s closet to find this creepy thing staring at me and welcoming me in. I’m not sure what devil in a human’s body thought up this horrendous interactive children’s toy, but I hope they are happy with themselves.


Nothing says I’ll never sleep again like these spooky humanoids.

Pregnant Barbie

The miracle of child birth is a beautiful thing, but I am sorry, a pregnant barbie with a removable stomach is one of the most unsettling “toys” I’ve ever seen. Also why the heck is she wearing makeup during childbirth?

Face Bank

The name says it all and I have genuine shivers on my back watching this.

Clown marionette

Why parents buy their children clowns on a string as a toy is beyond me. I’ve seen Stephen King’s IT enough times to stay far, far away from these freaky things.

Teddy Ruxpin

Teddy Ruxpin, or as I like to call him, “Five Nights at Freddy Ruxpin’s” is known as “The Story Telling Bear.” But one look into those dead eyes, and you’ll see that he’s actually the devil reincarnate, masquerading as a children’s toy.

Bed Bugs

As a kid the idea of “bed bugs” might not seem all that creepy, but after you stay in a couple crappy motels in your life, you will never take the term more seriously. Screw this “toy.”

Baby Sinclair

Those who remember Jim Henson’s 1991 TV show Dinosaurs remember the ever bratty Baby Sinclair. With catchphrases like “I’m the baby, gotta love me!” and “Not the mama!”, this monstrosity of a doll ranks high up on my list of things I think the UN council should consider putting a worldwide ban on.

Don’t Wake Daddy

Don’t Wake Daddy might not seem like all that creepy of a toy at first glance, but what’s so horrifying are the connotations that lie within this game. Don’t wake your dad, or else….seems pretty ominous to me.

Tickle Me Elmo

This one needs no explanation. Just watch the above video of a Tickle Me Elmo without its fur. That’s something from SkyNet.