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The 16 Shittiest Band Names of All-Time

A good name can play an integral role in any band’s effort to find their big break. “Radiohead? That sounds clever enough, I’ll give them a listen,” she said in 1993. “Hoobastank? Get the hell out of here with that,” he shouted in spite of “The Reason” rising the charts in 2003…Who’s laughing now?

There are some things you just can’t say on radio or run across the screen on TV. We have nothing but respect for great bands like Fucked Up and Holy Fuck earning some mainstream exposure while announcers carefully call them abbreviated versions of their names. With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of 16 of the shittiest band names of all-time. Like, literally the shittiest.

Here we go, in alphabetical order.

Bathtub Shitter

With lyrics like “my intestine is so active by yogurt” you gotta think that Bathtub Shitter arrived at their through some sort of personal experience.


Between Balls and Ass

Commonly referred to as the taint.


Butthole Surfers

How about a round of applause for Gibby Haynes and Co. for turning out eight studio albums and earning some mainstream success while calling themselves Butthole Surfers? It beats the names they went by before settling on Butthole Surfers, which included Fred Astaire’s Asshole, The Right To Eat Fred Astaire’s Asshole, and The Inalienable Right To Eat Fred Astaire’s Asshole.


Diarrhea Planet

If you’ve failed to get into Diarrhea Planet based on their name, well I’m very sorry for you. They’re only one of the best live acts on the planet and they feature four guitarists. Shred on, you wild boys.


The Fuckin’ Shit Biscuits

Minnesota-based 80s punk band The Fuckin’ Shit Biscuits were ahead of their time in climbing aboard the shitty band name train.


Meat Shits

Presumably, this comes after or in conjunction with the meat sweats.


Oh Shit They’re Going to Kill Us

Pennsylvania outfit produced some technically sound metal while clearly never taking itself too seriously.


Rainbow Butt Monkeys

A favourite on the “worst band names of all-time” circuit, Rainbow Butt Monkeys eventually became Finger Eleven.



Scottish dance punk band Shitdisco are actually pretty good.



Shitfucker play metal songs about drinking, smoking, sex dungeons, and nutsacks. No idea why they’re not the biggest band in the world.


Shitting Glitter

They say you can’t make shit shine…well perhaps you should try Shitting Glitter.


Shit Present

Melbourne, Australia-based outfit Shit Present make pretty great indie rock. Surprise your loved one with the gift of Shit Present.


Shit Robot

Irish DJ Shit Robot has rubbed elbows with the likes of James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and Alexis Taylor of Hot Chip. Impressive, and not at all shitty!


Shit and Shine

London, England’s Shit and Shine are all-in on shit. The noise rock band has released albums titled Jealous of Shit and Shine and 229-2299 Girls Against Shit, affirming their commitment to shit.


Tiger! Shit! Tiger! Tiger!

What! A! Shitty! Name!


Useless Pieces of Shit

Somebody find some use for these fellas.

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