The 1975 and Father John Misty stump teen contestants as answer to ‘Jeopardy!’ questions

Poor Alex Trebek was greated with silence

It turnes out Jeopardy! contestants aren’t the biggest indie music fans. In a recent episode of the hit gameshow, The 1975 and Father John Misty stumped teen contestants as they were posed with questions about the two artists.

Listed under the category “Music,” contestants were offered up the prompt, “I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware Of It was a no. 1 album for this ‘yearly’ band,” and Alex Trebek was greeted with a collective silence. A Father John Misty question also stumped teens on an episode this week, when they were prompted with, “This ‘Father’ was on the Tastemakers Chart in 2018 with ‘God’s Favorite Customer.'”

Check out the clips from Jeopardy! below.