The 1975 post mysterious teaser and deactivate all social media accounts

The speculation is that 1975 will drop a new single in august

Recently, frontman Matty Healy teased The 1975’s forthcoming album Notes On A Conditional Form, and now, the English pop-rock band has posted a mysterious flyer on Twitter with the words “Wake up,” along with other words in different languages.

Right after the post, The 1975 deactivated all of their social media accounts, making the teaser even more mysterious. It has not been confirmed that there is new music, but frontman Matty Healy had previously said that there would be new music in August. This new music would be a follow up to their recently released album, A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.

This isn’t the band’s first shot at a peculiar teaser, as in the past, they had released hidden zip files and mysterious computer games, which had led to the release of “Give Yourself a Try.”

Check out the mysterious Twitter post and fan reactions below.