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The 5 Best Survivor Seasons Ranked (And The 5 Worst!)

When it comes to deciding the best Survivor seasons, you’ve got a tough job. With so many to choose from, and such a wide range of variables to consider, it’s a daunting task.

However, we’ve done the work for you and gone ahead and ranked the top five worst and best seasons. It wasn’t easy, but we’re survivors so we did it anyway. Check out the Survivor seasons ranked, including the best and worst survivor seasons.

The 5 Best Survivor Seasons Ranked


best season of survivor
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One of the best newbie seasons of all time, the personalities were strong and the competition was real. This season was totally unpredictable, with exciting twists around every corner, it seemed. And while it was refreshing and compelling, the season also felt like Survivor on fast forward.

The players hustled hard and moved fast. Things happened one after another with barely any break (except commercials of course). What an excellent season, and the official choice for #5.

#4 S20: Survivor: Heroes vs Villains

best season of survivor
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Some of the best feuding happened in this season… thing of Russell vs Boston Rob. And from there, the amazing moments just kept on coming. Someone voted themselves off of the show. Because of this, two immunity idols were distributed at one Tribal Council. There were a lot of three-timers, however. The season lost some points due to this. Because it was all former players, the lack of freshness lands this season in the #4 spot.

#3 S4: Survivor: Cagayan

best survivor season
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With all new players (the first since the very first season) this season was a compelling mix of terrible games and terrific strategy. These people were there to actually play the game… and while they may have not played super well at times, they sure tried.

The tactics implemented in this season contributed to the changing of television forever. It helped set the stage for reality television. The casting was deadly, and the creative twists kept all of us glued to the T.V.

#2 S1: Survivor: Borneo

best survivor season
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You can’t undermine or underestimate the power of the very first season of this game-changing show. This is what helped catapult the series to an international phenomenon. Given the advancements in the game, Borneo now seems a bit dated and underwhelming. However, it’s the biggest catalyst in the last 20 years of television! Hands down, the first season of Survivor is the most important. However, it wasn’t quite as enjoyable as…

What Is The Best Season Of Survivor? Micronesia

best season of survivor
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According to research and many expert opinions (there are experts in this series, BTW) and the internet’s most informed blogs, the best season is Survivor: Micronesia – Fans vs. Favourites.

This season basically put 10 experienced players against 10 newbies. The result? One eye-popping incident after another. Those who know the series well say that Micronesia wasn’t only unpredictable, it was unforgettable.

The 5 Worst Survivor Seasons

#5 S5: Survivor: Thailand

best survivor series
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Filmed in 2002, this ranks as one of the worst seasons ever. The “fake merge” didn’t really help things, and at the live finale, Brian Heidik was named Sole Survivor.

The series did, however, introduce new gameplay twists. It was the first time in Survivor history that the two initial teams weren’t pre-selected by producers. An offer of mutiny also gave contestants the option to abandon their own team and join the other.

All in all, however, the season was confusing and kinda sucked. Biggest complaint: there wasn’t really anyone to root for, and that’s never a good thing.

#4 S21: Survivor: Nicaragua

best survivor series
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The idea to split the tribes up according to age did not go over well in this series. In fact, some would say that it was an epic fail. The Medallion of Power came into play in this series as well, and that also didn’t go quite as planned. 

This is not a season we’d choose to re-watch, that’s for sure.

#3 S39: Survivor: Island Of The Idols

best survivor series
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Although there seemed to be great potential with this season, inappropriate touching lead to a big let-down. How unfortunate. There were amazing characters to root for (especially Jamal and Janet) and there was a lot of knowledge in the contestants.

However, after the inappropriate touching by  Dan Spilo, he was not immediately let go. He should have been. Basically the whole season left fans disappointed.

#2 S36: Survivor: One World

best survivor season
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While Kim Spradlin demonstrated one of the most amazing victories in reality television history, her fellow contestants didn’t really give us much to go on. They just didn’t have much fire, passion, or even half of the strategy that she implemented.

Unfortunately, Kim’s game was one of the only things to commend about this season. The “One World” concept seemed strong, but the cast was totally uninspiring. Forgettable, but still not quite as bad as…

What Is The Worst Season Of Survivor? Fiji

best survivor season
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Season 14: Fiji is our choice for the worst season of Survivor, ever. The Haves Vs. Have-Nots concept landed flat. Further, it felt unfair and weird. The unfair benefit ended up in a really lopsided first half. From there, it really didn’t get much better. Deal re-negs were everywhere, nobody seemed to stick to what they had promised, and the cast was generally uninspiring.

There’s certainly no rush to re-watch this one!

Whether you agree or disagree, we hope you’ve enjoyed this rating of the best and worst Survivor seasons ever!

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