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Top 5 Vantage Points to See Fall Colours

Fall is all about shorter days, the cool breeze, putting on your cozy flannel shirts and watching mother nature do what she does best: transformation.

For a couple of weeks every October we witness the beautiful leaves changing to shades of deep and bright reds, burnt oranges and yellows – and though this happens every year like clockwork, it is always breathtaking.

We are lucky to have so many spots to venture to in Toronto to witness (and take photos of) nature’s beauty. Here is our quintessential list of the Top 5 Places in Toronto to catch the beauty of autumn this year.

Centennial Park

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On top of all the fun activities Centennial Park has to offer such as: go-karting, batting cages and golfing, you may be surprised to learn that it also has some incredible scenic views during Autumn. Take a walk around the park or meander the Etobicoke Creek Trail for some beautiful colours and sights.

High Park

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High Park features many hiking trails, a petting zoo and acres of nature for your viewing pleasure. For the best leaf-spotting Hillside Gardens is well worth your time. It’s famous for waterfalls, bridges and its maple leaf landmark at the bottom of the hill. Surrounded by a bounty of trees with breathtaking colours the photo-ops will be plentiful!

Don Valley

There is so much to explore along the 32KM stretch of watershed the Don Valley offers. It features scores of woodlands, a vast diversity of trees and many walk-able trails suitable for anyone to use. A top spot for foliage is The East Don Parkland. It features lush forested ravines, wildflower meadows and stunning colours every fall.

Evergreen Brick Works

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Nestled in the heart of Toronto, there is always something going on at Evergreen Brick Works, including a luscious backdrop for your nature photos. Embrace the sights and sounds at its natural park, fishponds and walking paths, and make sure you climb to the top of the hill to get a great view of the entire park and the CN Tower. It’s nature & city as one, and it’s beautiful.

Rouge Park

Rouge Park has outstanding scenery year round, but is especially magical during autumn.
To see the most alluring fall colours and panoramic views: Glen Eagles Vista, Orchard Trail and Vista Trail are your best bets! Rouge Park also offers a guided Fall Walk Series to help you enjoy the abundant colours in all their glory.

If you want to plan your own foliage adventure, be sure to check out this interactive map from @OntarioParks which provides peak viewing times & a fall colour report!

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