The 5 Inevitable Stages of Friendship

When it comes down to it, it's all a science.

It is a proven fact that there are a lot of people in this world, but what separates that unsettling gentleman on the bus from the person you actually want to make plans with after work? Well, chances are, you’ve gone through a rigorous screening process with said person, and they probably aren’t hella weird. Welcome to the journey: all aboard the friendship train.

The “I Swear I’m Cool” Stage

I swear I'm Cool

(Photo by Laura Broussard via Flickr Creative Commons)

Being cool (or at least appearing cool) is important to people. This stage can be exhausting. You may find yourself saying things like: “Sure, I love (insert band name here)” and then quickly Googling that band. You may also find yourself participating in activities that are a tad outside your comfy zone. When meeting new people it’s important to be yourself but, like, a little cooler.

The “Business Casual” Stage

Business Casual

(Photo by Aaron Nace via Flickr Creative Commons)

Once you’ve impressed someone with your mirage of cool, business starts happening. You’ll find yourself casually out with your prospective chum more and more. It is important not to come on too strong, but not to be too Kanye West (I am better than you at everything) in this stage or you’ll be back to riding shotgun on the Netflix Express.

The “We Hate The Same Things” Stage

I Hate

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Sure, common interests can be the foundation of friendship, but what brings people together faster than a fiery rage towards Taylor Swift, or an irrational fury whenever yellow Skittles are present? Knowing what makes someone tick – and agreeing with them – can build that foundation and a pretty nice house on top of it.

The “Don’t Even Ask What The Plans Are” Stage

It’s Friday night and you don’t know what you’re doing this weekend, but you already know who’s joining you. In a good friendship this could mean anything from watching the game, going to dinner or holding someone’s hair back after one too many. It’s not always pretty, but you can count on your amigo for some shenanigans.

The “We Are The Same People” Stage


(Photo by Trina Alexander via Flickr Creative Commons)

Upon completion of stages 1-4, two become one. You’ll find yourself speaking in jokes or referencing times that no one else has any idea to what you are speaking of. You walk right into their house and open the fridge without hesitation. The bond is strong at this point and will be pretty tough to break. You’ll be the feather in each other’s caps.