The 5 Types of People Riding the TTC

Toronto is a diverse place.

Public transit: it’s a both a blessing and a curse. Every time you decide to step aboard the street car or “ride the rocket” beneath our city streets, there are familiar characters you will always run into. These are 5 people you’re bound to meet.. if you take TTC – which one are you?

1. The Sick Person

This person sounds like they could kick the bucket at any given moment. You know those weird coughs you try to stifle until you’re home? This person is belting them out like the national anthem at the World Series. They rarely cover their mouth and have no regard for the health and wellness of others. HEY, Sicky McGee, take a sick day, okay?

2. The Parent

This is either a dad or a mom with a couple of rugrats, just trying to get from point A to point B without causing too much of a stir. Sometimes their kids are thinking the opposite, though – they’re crying, yelling or fighting, and making everyone around them a tad uncomfortable. There are the parents who make the effort to get their kids in line and settle them down. Bless them. There are also some parents that pretend to be oblivious to the situation and zone it out – even when their child might be pulling items out of another commuter’s shopping bag. STOP BEING THAT PARENT.

3. The Jerk

This person will not give up their seat for someone who clearly needs it more, and also thinks it’s a-ok to take up a empty space with their belongings. I’m sorry, is your Urban Outfitters bag a person? It’s not? Please move it then. Another classy move in this person’s repertoire is blaring music straight out of their phone. Super kind that you knew everyone wanted to hear Big Shiny Tunes 3! THANKS FOR SHARING. If you know someone who does this, please help them see the light.

4. The Outgoing Person

This person doesn’t realize that they’re not everyones cup of tea, and they’re just trying to be friendly. They go out of their way to strike up a conversation with you – and it’s not just a couple of quick questions. They want some lengthy dialogue. They mean well, they really do, but everyone isn’t as chipper as you. You may need to turn it down a tad. MERCI.

5. The Average Joe

This is probably the most popular of all the characters you’ve just been introduced to. This person has their ear buds in, and they want to get on and off as seamlessly as possible. They realize that public transit isn’t a social event, and they keep to themselves. But they never forget their manners.

(Main photo by Sadia Awan via Flickr)