The 5 Types of People You’ll Find at the Park

There's also dogs, lots of dogs

It’s SUMMAH! That means you and all of your homies will be taking multiple trips to the park all season long. On a beautiful day, there’re few better things than lounging in the sun. If you frequent parks in the city, you’ll begin to recognize 5 types of park-goers – check them out below.


The Day Clubber


(Photo by Cribnotes)

This is the kind of guy or gal that treats this outdoor luxury like it’s an EDM festival. They bring a big ol’ speaker to blast their tunes and they’re getting a lot more “turnt” than the average person. 


The Average Joe


(Photo by Ramil Sagum via Flickr)

This person goes to the park fairly often and it’s one of their favourite things in the world. They have a specific spot they like to sit at, they might bring a few tall cans, and they know the perfect way to conceal them. Their goal is to relax as much as humanly possible.

The Carnival Kids

The world is a stage for these humans: they’re either slack lining, hand drumming or juggling some bizarre object. Throwing a football around? HELL NO! That’s what “normies” do. It’s all about being obscure and not caring even a little about what people think. Also, it usually smells like an Aerosmith concert around them.

The Musician

The park isn’t just a bunch of people hanging around to this individual; it’s an audience for which they can perform their brand new material. He or she is usually alone on a bench, belting out a couple original tunes followed by a cover. No one’s paying attention but, for some reason, that doesn’t seem to bother them.


The “How Long Are We Here For” Person

This person doesn’t see the appeal of the park. They get there, complain about sitting on the ground, and wonder how people can stay there for hours on end. They’re standing while people are sitting, and they’re ready to leave as soon as they get there.

Main Photo Courtesy of Grant MacDonald