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The 8 Best Pierogi Joints in Toronto

Who doesn’t love a pierogi? Perfectly pinched fluffy mouthfuls of savoury, doughy goodness. A simple idea, minimal prep work, and virtually no time to cook—not to mention the multitudinous array of fillings available. Why then are these European delights so hard to find on Toronto’s many menus? Fear not! We’ve found the best pierogi spots in the city. Put down the French fries and bring a new side dish to the table.

Café Polonez (195 Roncesvalles Avenue)

This Roncesvalles restaurant has been serving up authentic pierogies, among other delicious Polish fare, for over thirty years. Whether you prefer boiled or fried, these chefs stuff their dumplings with fresh ingredients, including traditional potato and cheese, or sumptuous mushroom and sauerkraut. Take them as a main, or include them with your schnitzel platter.

Museum Tavern (208 Bloor Street West)

Known for their unique take on traditional dishes, Museum Tavern, a swanky addition to the Yorkville-Annex neighbourhood (right across from, you guessed it, the Royal Ontario Museum), offers a varied menu of eats, including the amazingly lush truffled mushroom pierogi, plated with savoury caramelized onions and sour cream.

Loaded Perogi (9 1/2 Church Street)

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A recent addition to the pierogi market, Loaded Pierogies offers exactly what is sounds like. With two locations, one at the base of church street and the other in Leslieville, this new establishment offers a diverse array of takes on the polish dumpling. Have them crispy or boiled, and choose your toppings with anything from kimchi to pulled pork.


Natalie’s Kitchen (516 The Kingsway)

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Nestled discreetly behind a Ukrainian church in North Toronto, the experts at this catering destination are a safe bet for borsch, cabbage rolls and, most importantly, authentic pierogies. Whether you’re looking for five (dine-in) or five hundred (to go), Natalie and her expert kitchen staff have got you covered.

The Saint Tavern (227 Ossington Avenue)

For pierogies done ultra-fancy, and paired with an equally fancy cocktail, The Saint is the place to be. Expertly fried and seasoned, these goods are stuffed with pork belly, cabbage and cheese, coupled with a generous slathering of delicious herbed sour cream.


Chopin Restaurant (165 Roncesvalles Avenue)

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Naturally, if you’re on the hunt for Polish delicacies, you’d be best off starting at the source. Our second location on the Roncesvalles strip, Chopin packs a wallop of flavour into their dumplings, and provides an authentic European setting in which to gorge on them.


Pravda Vodka Bar (44 Wellington Street East)

While they may specialize in what to drink, Pravda is actually a worthwhile locale in which to get your potato fix. The music may be louder, but these champion pierogies (and massive vodka list) are well worth their weight in gold, so too is the heady Eastern bloc atmosphere.



Starsky Fine Foods (3115 Dundas Street West)

If you can’t bear the thought of being without pierogies at home, Starsky Fine Foods offers the best frozen options—they’ll do in a pinch.

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