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The Age of Betamax Is Officially Over

In what may be the most shocking news story of late, and grim news for all you lovers of archaic media technology, Sony just announced that they will no longer be producing Betamax video cassettes. No more tapes, ever. This is heartbreaking news for so-called ‘Betaphiles’, hardcore fans of the technology who, apparently, still exist and have insisted that the quality of Betamax is far superior to VHS since the videotape format wars of the ’70s and ’80s.

We are very sorry for your loss.


Harold (pictured above) is embracing Netflix now that his Betamax tapes are no longer available.

For the rest of us who had no idea Betamax tapes were still being manufactured, don’t forget that videotape technology was an important step in our journey towards streaming whatever we want, whenever we want it. Without VHS, Betamax, and the cave paintings that preceded them, our current culture of entertainment consumption could never exist.

Our hearts go out to the Betamax community.

RIP Betamax.

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