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The Apple Watch Doesn’t Like Your Tattoos

First BendGate, now TattooGate.

Since the Apple Watch came out last month, more and more users with tattoos covering their wrists have reported problems using the technology.

Many tattooed users have posted videos online showing the watch not responding to its contact with the skin — which is what allows users to access their device. Some have found that turning off the watch’s “wrist detection” setting a quick fix, but it’s only a temporary solution.

Apple neglected to comment on this issue for a while, saying that any issues were a result of their heart rate monitoring system. But, they recently revamped the support documents for the accessory, stating that any changes to your skin — including tattoos — can cause problems with the sensor system used in the watch.

For the sake of all our inked fellow Apple users, let’s hope they fix this bug quick.

(Photo by TechNewsToday)

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