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The Balconies “Kill Count”

For those well-versed in indie-rock archetypes, the Balconies’ beginnings – boy meets girl in university while studying classical music; girl drags brother out of school and into the basement; boy, girl and younger brother pound out rock jams to the outstretched arms of Ottawa bars.

Siblings Jacquie and Stephen Neville lead from their perches at the front of the stage, with Jacquie’s wide-eyed guitar strums and Stephen’s lanky bass lines tumbling in a dryer filled with Liam Jaeger’s rhythmic peppering.

The band moved down the 401 to Toronto and recorded their EP “Kill Count.” 2012 is already off to a great start with a  SXSW showcase and a performance at the Artist Select series at the Garrison for Canadian Music Week.

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