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The Beaches share new single ‘Orpheus’

Toronto’s The Beaches have returned with a new single, “Orpheus,” following their summer hit “Grow Up Tomorrow.” The new cut features dreamy synths and an uplifting beat, continuing a theme of the band embracing an indie-pop vibe to their sound.

The song is an ode to the Greek mythological figure, Orpheus, with vocalist Jordan Miller singing “Orpheus played his favourite songs when we were in his basement / We would fool around and chill out on his couch while he played his mustang.”

Check out the latest from The Beaches below.

Miller’s lyrics centre around learning from the Greek poet and musician’s inability to move forward.

“I’ve always been interested in Greek myths. One of my favourites is the Orpheus legend, a story about an artist who is so in love with his deceased wife that he tries to bring her back to life, only to lose her again,” Miller said of the track in a release. “There’s a lot about the story that resonates with me, especially when I think about past loves. It’s tempting to look back and put people on pedestals, but when you always look back you can never look forward and see what beautiful things might be coming for you.”

Similar to their previously-released single, The Beaches have incorporated new elements into their sound, drawing inspiration from the likes of Wet Leg, The Strokes, Olivia Rodrigo, and Wolf Alice.

“We’re not abandoning our rock ‘n ’roll roots, but for this next chapter of our career we wanted to take ourselves less seriously, have fun, and be less precious with the musical ideas we pursue,” the band said in a release.

With one of the summer’s catchiest hits already in their pocket, The Beaches have effectively delivered the perfect synth-pop song to wind down the good weather season.

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