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The Best Album Reissues of 2018 Part I

The concept of a reissue isn’t anything new: bands re-releasing their older music, often remastering it and increasing the quality, is quite popular. When the remastered version of “Hey Jude” was released in 2009, listeners realized they could hear Paul McCartney drop an F-bomb nearly three-minutes into the song, much to the fans’ enjoyment. One of the the interesting things about re-releases is that you never know what you’ll get.

Here are some of this years best ones. We can’t promise you’ll hear secret swears, but we also can’t not promise them either.

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Cuff the Duke – Self Titled (2005)

Reissue: August 2018

This self-titled album is getting released on vinyl for the first time this August. The reissue will be pressed on a limited edition, clear wax record. The Ontario alternative-country band also touring around Ontario this summer.


Wintersleep – Welcome to the Night Sky (2003, 2005, 2007)

Reissue: May 2018

The fist three albums that Wintersleep put out were all met with critical acclaim. Just recently, Wintersleep (2003), Untitled (2006), and Welcome To The Night Sky were released on limited edition vinyl records. The reissues included new artwork, unreleased demos, and bonus tracks.

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band – Trout Mask Replica (1969)

Reissue: April 2018

This newly remastered record was only avaailble for a short time in April. But it came as a part of a huge set, with two LPs, a tote bag, and even an actual replica of a trout mask.

Matt Mays First Four Albums

Reissue: June 2018

Matt Mays’ first four albums will be released on vinyl for the first time later this month. Three of the albums include a bonus track and …When the Angels Make Contact comes with a movie poster.

Matt Mays (2003), Matt Mays & El Torpedo (2005)
“My first album I started in my parents basement and finished at the legendary Charles Austin’s studio, called Ultramagnetic, in Halifax,” Mays told Indie88. His second album was also recorded in Halifax with producer Don Smith, who had also worked with Tom Petty and Keith Richards.

…When the Angels Make Contact (2006)
The third album, …When the Angels Make Contact, was originally intended to work as the soundtrack to a movie. However, the movie never fully came to life.”[It] was a weird soundtrack to an even weirder movie that was filmed but never finished. Some people don’t believe that the movie exists,” Mays said. “It actually doesn’t, but only because we decided not to finish it. The soundtrack that Tim Jim Baker and I did for the movie sums it all up, I think…”

Terminal Romance (2008)
Mays recorded the album with El Torpedo in an an old abandoned scout camp near Dover, UK with producer Chris Tsangarides. “That’s why there are a lot of songs about isolation, trees and werewolves,” he said.

Matt Mays Tour Dates
Jul 27 – Belleville, ON @ Empire Square Live
Jul 28 – Sarnia, ON @ Bluewater Borderfest
Aug 7 – Peterborough, ON @ The Venue
Aug 8 – Oshawa, ON @ The Music Hall
Aug 9 – Toronto, ON @ Rebel (w/ The Gaslight Anthem)

The Russian Futurists – Let’s Get Ready to Crumble (2003)

Reissue: April 2018

This limited edition vinyl comes in a bold blue. The original recording was done as cheaply as possible, recorded in Matt Hart’s bedroom for less than $100. This reissue has been re-recorded and remastered, both in an actual studio.

Liz Phair – Exile In Guyville (1993)

Reissue: May 2018

Celebrate the 25th anniversary of the iconic feminist alt-rock album with this reissue. This reissue is a part of an even bigger box set, which comes with seven LPs (or three CDs), unreleased photos and interviews, original demos, and so much more.

Fleetwood Mac – Self Titled (1975)

Reissue: January 2018

You can now listen to the remastered version of hits like “Landslide,” “Say You Love Me,” and “Rhiannon.” The full reissue set comes with a CD, an LP, and DVD — all full of rare live recordings, unreleased studio demos, and an alternate version of the album.

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