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The Best Bands With Accents

BrianBlogBrian Bailey was recently named “On-Air Talent of the Year” at the 2013 Canadian Broadcast industry awards. Brian is now a co-host on “Indie Mornings with Brian, Matt and Candice.”

Why is it that some singers’ accents don’t bleed into their vocal performance while others’ play a huge role in their overall sound? The obviously Scottish Glasvegas play The Mod Club in Toronto on February 22nd.

Here are some of the best bands who tend to roll their ‘r’s (or any other letter, for that matter)

Glasvegas (James Allan)

The Libertines (Pete Doherty)

Frightened Rabbit (Scott Hutchison)

The Cranberries (Dolores O’Riordan)

The Pogues (Shane MacGowan)

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