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The Best Breakfast Sandwiches in Toronto

Eating a perfect breakfast sandwich can be a life changing experience. What’s not to love about a complete breakfast between two slices? We’ve all heard the legends of that famous sandwich at St. Lawrence Market. People literally won’t shut up about it so you know it’s gotta be good… but that can’t be the ONLY great breakfast sandwich in Toronto. Here’s our roundup of some top contenders:

The Smoked Salmon Lemon Ricotta Scone Sandwich

Location: Baker and Scone, 693 St. Clair Avenue West

Don’t think a scone sandwich can change your life? THINK AGAIN! This isn’t just any scone sandwich – it’s smoked salmon and lemon ricotta piled high on a cheddar chive scone and it’s delicious. This place really knows how to make a flaky, buttery, perfectly salted scone, which elevates this little guy to one of the best breakfast sandwiches in Toronto. They don’t serve them every day… but they’re usually around on the weekends.

The Breakfast Tostada

Location: Cocoalatte, 671 St. Clair Avenue West

Cocoalatte is a small café with a cute patio in the back and they serve a tasty take on a breakfast sandwich. Called simply “The Breakfast Tostada”, it consists of avocado, bacon, fried eggs, cheddar cheese and salsa on toasted slices of bread. Kick it up a notch by adding some of their tasty house made hot sauce!

The Morning Classic/Healthy Morning

Location: Leslieville Pumps, 929 Queen Street East

Leslieville Pumps is a quaint general store and kitchen on the east side and they’ve got a couple of popular breakfast sandwiches on the menu. There’s The Morning Classic: fried egg, seasoned tomato, and aged cheddar on a toasted golden egg bun. Add bacon if you like! Or, on the lighter but equally tasty side, the Healthy Morning: egg whites, farmer’s sprouts, grilled peppers, and homemade avocado spread on rustic multigrain bread. Mmm mmm mmm.

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The Full Monty

Location: Rashers, 948 Queen Street East and 182 Ossington Avenue

The name of this place says it all. Rashers is a bacon-forward restaurant, so they should know a thing or two about making a mind blowing breakfast sandwich for all the bacon freaks out there. It turns out they do… and their sandwich called The Full Monty is one of the best in Toronto: British style bacon, fried egg, fried tomato and fried mushrooms on a bun with homemade brown sauce.

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Location: Bar Buca, 75 Portland Street
Popular Italian snack bar, Bar Buca, offers a breakfast sandwich made with two different types of cured pork (mortadella and guanciale) on a Bolognese skillet bun with egg. The name “Tigella” refers to the thin, four-inch round Italian bread, which is perfect for housing breakfast sandwich goodness. The Tigella is available on the daily breakfast and weekend brunch menu.

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Croque Madame

Location: Bonjour Brioche, 812 Queen Street East

This café’s take on the classic French breakfast sandwich has been called “to die for” and consists of toasted brioche layered with ham and gruyere, topped with a fried egg… that’s right, the egg is on top of the sandwich instead of inside and it’s something you definitely need to try before you head to that big breakfast café in the sky.

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The Breakfast Pocket

Location: Aunties & Uncles, 74 Lippincott Avenue

Aunties & Uncles is a classic diner that’s made it onto a few “best of Toronto” lists, with their Breakfast Pocket coming out on top as one of the best breakfast sandwiches in Toronto. It’s stuffed with scrambled eggs, bacon, cheddar, tomato and caramelized onions, with Dijon and aioli on focaccia bread. Dang.

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The Peameal Bacon Sandwich

Location: Carousel Bakery, St. Lawrence Market

People will lose their minds if this one is not on the list: The famous Peameal Bacon Sandwich from Carousel Bakery inside St. Lawrence Market. This sandwich is so famous they’ve got a wall of photos of celebrities eating it, and they sell over 2600 of them on a typical busy Saturday. It’s just peameal bacon and mustard on a Kaiser bun, but sometimes keeping it simple is the way to go (you can add egg if you like). Anthony Bourdain approves!

Did your favourite breakfast sandwich make the list? If we missed it, share it in the comments!

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Feature image courtesy Bar Buca via Facebook.

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