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The Best Cheese Tours To Visit In Ontario

Trips with friends and family to a winery is commonplace. You see the grapes growing in a field and you can see all the steps of the wine making, then you get to sip all the wine, there’s really no better way to spend a summer’s day. What most people don’t know is that a similar thing exists for cheese. Skip the cheese store downtown and find the roots of each cheese by seeing it being created from the very first step.

Hop in a car and stuff your face with delicious local cheeses, hearing the stories behind them and the process of their creation. It’ll make you appreciate cheese that much more.
Oxford County

Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese

Located in Woodstock, Gunn’s Hill recently won Best Farmhouse Cheese in all of Canada at the 2015 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix. It’s a small artisan cheese plant owned by Shep Ysselstein, who honed his cheesemaking skills in the United States, British Columbia, and Switzerland. A guided tour will take you through all stages of production from the head cheesemaker himself.


Mountainoak Cheese

High quality cheese made from fresh milk from their own dairy cows. In 1976, Owners Adam van Bergeijk and his wife Hannie took over the family dairy farm in Holland. They both attended the renowned cheesemaking school in Gouda.


Bright Cheese & Butter

These cheesemakers have been around sine 1874. It’s the oldest remaining cheddar factory in Ontario and hasn’t moved from its original location in the 19th century!

Niagara Region

Upper Canada Cheese

Located in the heart of the Niagara wine region, they hand craft premium artisanal cheeses from the milk of local Guernsey cows. This modern creamery was built in 2005.


Prince Edward County

Black River Cheese Company

Along the banks of the Black River, since 1901 this company is dedicated to their century old tradition of cheesemaking. This means handcrafted, “using pure fluid cow milk from Prince Edward County dairy farms, and no modified milk ingredients or artificial preservatives.”

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Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

They’re using locally produced goat and sheep milk. Since opening in 2008, they’ve been producing unique cheeses like the Bootlegger and Purple’s a Must.

Hamilton Area

Paron Cheese

This is one of the oldest Italian-style cheese companies in Ontario, making traditional firm and hard cheeses. They’re created using a traditional old-fashioned style that has been a part of their process for 70 years.

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Perth County

Stonetown Artisan Cheese

Originally from the Swiss Alps, this family immigrated to Canada in 1996. They bring high quality cheeses reminiscent of those in the Swiss Mountains.

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Feature photo courtesy Maria Eklind via Flickr.

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