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The Best Chicken Fingers in Toronto

You can’t go wrong with chicken fingers. For meat-eaters, it’s a great go-to food if you’re unsure about a menu, and Toronto is just teeming with crunchy chicken tender goodness.

Here is our list of the best chicken fingers in Toronto for all your greasy finger food needs.

The Chickery

Where: #102B 130 Spadina Ave

The Chickery prides itself on severing “Better Chicken,” among the quality ingredients behind its southern style eats. Though the chicken selection is extensive, the Ultimate Buttermilk Chicken Fingers are a menu highlight, certainly living up to their name. Bonus: choose from a section of comfort food classics like mac and cheese, potato salad, and corn bread to accompany your chicken.

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Jack Astor’s

Where: 133 John St (multiple locations)

Jack Astor’s is hardly a local special, being a chain restaurant across Canada, but they seem to get this classic right every time. There are multiple locations in Toronto so wherever you are you’ll be able to find these delicious chicken fingers.


Union Social Eatery

Where: 4899 Yonge Street

If you’re in the mood for something fancy but still can’t resist the temptation of chicken fingers, check out this classier version of the childhood favourite.


Bar Wellington

Where: 520 Wellington Street West

The pub classic, served alongside a house made blueberry plum sauce. Grab a drink and a seat on the patio and try this new spin on an old favourite at Bar Wellington.

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Madison Avenue Pub

Where: Madison Avenue Pub

These Thai-inspired chicken fingers are a serious upgrade from the pub classic. Made with Ontario Craft beer, tossed in Thai sauce, and topped with sesame seeds, these aren’t your average chicken fingers.


The Loose Moose

Where: 146 Front St. W

The Loose Moose offers a bite-sized version of the classic chicken finger, perfect for sharing. This unique menu item is coated in spicy Korean sauce, sesame, and peanuts, and served with Wonton chips. On second thought, you might not want to share this delicious chicken.

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Thompson Diner

Where: 550 Wellington St W

Thompson Diner is your late night (or early morning) go-to for quality chicken fingers. Whether it’s breakfast or a midnight snack, satisfy your chicken cravings with a generous serving of chicken and fries, served with signature chipotle mayo.


Duff’s Famous Wings

Where: 558 College St., 1604 Bayview Ave.

Duff’s are best known for their Buffalo chicken wings and the varying degrees of heat they’re available in. Their chicken fingers tossed in that sauce (saucy fingers, if you will) are unreal. Find the temperature you’re comfortable with and dig in.


The Dirty Bird chicken & Waffles

Where: 79 Kensington Ave., 527 Bloor St. W

The Dirty Bird’s “Great White North” is white meat tenders fried to perfection and they sit atop an order of waffles. They’re the kind of thing worthy of a ‘last meal on earth’ designation.


Feature photo courtesy The Chickery via Facebook.

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