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The best fish and chips in Toronto

There may be plenty of fish in the sea city, but we’ve put together a list of the best fish and chips in Toronto.

There are tons of great pubs across the city boasting some pretty tasty fish and chips. So, it can be tough to figure out where to find the best fish and chips in Toronto! Luckily for you, we’ve put together a list of where to find the best catch.

Check out the best fish and chips in Toronto below.

Olde Yorke

Leaside British pub Olde Yorke does fish and chips better than anyone else. Staying true to the traditional dish, Olde York is known for its long lineups waiting for their take on fish and chips. Their golden, lightly battered fish is always fresh and flakey, with deliciously crispy fries that are never too greasy.


Trinity Bellwoods regulars know that Hooky’s is the place to go for some tasty fish and chips. The simple menu comes packed with British fried fare, delivering every crispy dish you can think of. From halibut and haddock to fried prawns and scallops, everything you order comes served with chips and a side of sauce.

Duckworth’s Fish & Chips

If you find yourself on the East Danforth, you can indulge in some of the best battered halibut this city’s got to offer. With thick cut fries served with gravy, and perfectly flaky fish, this spot is a must-visit for fish and chips lovers.

Harbord Fish & Chips

Tiny take-out spot Harbord Fish & Chips is sure to catch your eye, not only from its pale blue outside, but from the delicious smells this little shop emits. You’re sure to find fish lovers chowing down on some tasty fries on any given summer day, as they offer up some classic fish and chips.

Off The Hook

Head to this Danforth and Broadview hot spot that not only uses fresh fish and organic batter for this delicious dish, but they even offer up organic produce and a range of different kinds of poutine, including a vegan one. Not only does Off the Hook have some of the best fish and chips around, but they also make fish sandwiches, crab cakes, Pank-crusted shrimp, and more!

Busters Sea Cove

Buster’s Sea Cove is another go-to if you find yourself near the St. Lawrence Market. You’ll have to brave a pretty lengthy lineup to indulge in this tasty spot, but it’s definitely worth it. Offering up delicious fries alongside halibut, haddock, or calamari, you’ll find yourself coming back to Buster’s again and again.


Kensington Market boasts this fish and chip outfit with some crispy, tasty haddock, halibut, cod, or salmon alongside a variety of sides ranging from unbelievable poutine to deep-fried pickles.

Sea Witch

Head to St. Clair West to check out Sea Witch Fish and Chips, which serves up a large variety of options for some fried fish and chips. Select from haddock, pacific cod, halibut, pickerel, or arctic char to get the perfect plate of fish and chips for you!

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