The best hot chocolate in Toronto to warm you up this winter

Warm up with a piping hot cup of cocoa

Toronto has had a chilly winter so far, and what better way to warm up than by sipping on a hot cup of cocoa?

Toronto serves up some of the best hot chocolate around with home-style classics and cocoa with creative twists. You can taste a variety of elaborate flavours like s’mores, cake batter, bittersweet orange, and everything in between.

Check out the best hot chocolate this city has to offer below. All of these locations are open for takeout and/or for delivery during the pandemic!

SOMA Chocolate

There are five different plays on drinking chocolate at this shop, ranging from a traditional cup of hot chocolate to a more unique, spicy take on the classic beverage. SOMA serves up flavours like the Gianduja, which comes with hints of roasted hazelnuts and milk chocolate, and the Maya, which features a spark of chili peppers, orange peel, ginger, and their special blend of spices.


Fika is a cozy nook in Kensington Market that serves a unique twist on the classic hot chocolate. Snuggle up beside their Instagram famous book wall or sip on their lavender white hot chocolate that’s made with lavender bitters, white chocolate, cardamom, milk, and house vanilla syrup. If you’re not a white chocolate fan, indulge in the dark earl grey hot chocolate that’s made with 70% ganache.

Cacao 70 Toronto

This Montreal-based chain has turned hot chocolate into an experience. From blended coffee and chocolate drinks to serving up beverages in a small goblet with a metal carafe, you’re sure to treat yourself to hot chocolate in a way you’ve never tasted it before. Plus, there are so many flavours to choose from, like the Black Sesame Hot Cocoa or the Mexicocoa.

OMG Baked Goodness

This one’s for the marshmallow lovers. This Dundas West hot spot knows how to step up their beverage game, as OMG Baked Goodness offers up a torched-marshmallow hot chocolate with a tasty, sugary topping. Coffee lovers can even add a shot of espresso if you’re looking for an extra kick to your toasty drink.

Bobbette and Belle

Leslieville dessert shop Bobbette and Belle turns a homey cup of cocoa into something completely new, as the hot chocolate is decadent, silky, and perfectly sweet. Every cup is an outstanding combination of cocoa powder, Swiss chocolate, full-fat milk and a bit of sugar topped with a house-made vanilla marshmallow that’s served blowtorched until it comes coated in a crisp, golden brown shell with a gooey center.


This tiny St. Clair West store boasts some of the richest drinking chocolate in the city. With flavours like the Aztec Blood that’s served spicy and honours the fusion of chilies and cacao, the Oaxacan Cinnamon that warms the body and recreates the classic taste of Mexico, and the Xocolatl that literally translates to “bitter water,” you’re sure to find the hot cocoa of your dreams.

Sweet Jesus

Toronto’s iconic ice cream mini-chain Sweet Jesus also serves up three varieties of hot chocolate that are each as wacky as their elaborate milkshake flavours. You’ll never get sick of the Cake Batter, S’mores, or Salted Dark hot chocolates that each come topped with a mountain of extravagant sweet treats like cream cheese icing, toasted marshmallows, or dark chocolate whipped cream.

Delight Chocolate

This Junction shop is the perfect spot to warm up from the cold with their European-style Hot Chocolate. Each cup of cocoa comes topped with 35 per cent whipped cream, and they’re made using fair trade chocolate and Harmony organic milk. You can get their signature drink in a variety of flavours like bittersweet orange, caramel, spiced, and peanut butter.