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The best hot dogs in Toronto

Hotdogs are not only tasty, but you can eat them on the go and top them with many toppings as you want.

It is a staple at ballpark games, barbeques and just any gathering in the summer really. Now that we know the best burgers in Toronto, it is time to find the best hot dog places, too.

Check out the best hot dogs in Toronto below.

Basa’s Hot Dog World

1175A St Clair Ave W.

Basa’s Hot Dog World is not your typical hotdog place. It has an infusion of Latin American flavours from Brazil, Chile, Mexico, as well as Chicago and Italian flavours. The menu also includes a veggie dog, empanadas, hamburgers and a soup of the day.

Kungfu Dawg

248 Ossington Ave

Kungfu Dawg is a gourmet spot, with all pork and beef hot dogs made with a unique spice blend and homemade fresh toppings. Toppings like crispy onion, jalapeno, baked beans and more are available here. They also offer a veggie dog made from soy and fries. We recommend trying the Original Recipe Dawg.


5 Coady Ave

Completo is a small South American spot that has unique and creative combinations and their menu offers tacos, fries, burgers, poutine, veggie options and, of course, hot dogs. We recommend trying the Completo Hot Dog.


65 Front St W

Wvrst is located at Union Station and their specialty is artisan sausages with a German vibe. On the menu, they offer pretzels, fries, beers, ciders, and even soft-serve ice cream. Their sausages are gluten-free and they even have veggie and vegan options. We recommend trying the Beyond the Sausage Brat.

Burger’s park

10 William Sylvester Drive

Burger’s Park allows you to visit the park and chill. They offer simple ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced on all of their burgers, hot dogs, fries, milkshakes, fruit shakes, craft drinks, and desserts. Their hot dog is hormone-free and anti-biotic free, with no preservatives and nitrites. We recommend trying their All Ground Beef Sausage, topped any way you like.

Round the Horn

331 Roncesvalles Ave

Round the Horn is a sports pub that offers ballpark-style eats. They also have a back patio, board games, and pinball machine. On the menu, they offer hot dogs, nachos, and a drink menu with beers and cocktails. We recommend trying their Beef Hot Dog with your choice of topping as they boast a hot dog-centric snack menu.

Rose and Sons Deli

176 Dupont St

Rose and Sons Deli is a cozy diner that has a total nostalgic vibe, and they are known for their tasty brunch items. As for their food, they serve creative North American dishes and their menu offers sandwiches, reubens, plates and more. Their hot dogs are all-beef hot dogs in a veal casing. We recommend trying a Steamy, served with mustard and crunchy acidic cabbage.

Fancy Franks

453 Queen St W.

Fancy Franks got its start from being inspired by hot dog eating contests in Coney Island, New York. The food is tasty, locally sourced, and their menu offers poutine, sausages, burgers, hot dogs, and shakes. We recommend trying Frank’s Coney Island Hot Dog, topped with chili, onions, and mustard.

Soloways Hotdog Factory

79 Richmond St E

Soloways Hotdog Factory is a little different, as it is a wholesale supplier of meats, hot dogs, sausages, burgers, steaks and more. This is more of a do-it-yourself spot, as they offer different recipes and ways to cook your very own hot dogs. One thing is for sure, they have tasty hot dogs free of gluten and nitrites. We recommend the Jumbo All-Beef Hotdogs.

Some honorable mentions that have some tasty hotdogs include spots, stands and trucks like Best in Town Chipwagon, Hot Dog Cart Serving Halal Hotdogs, and The Hotdog stand. Next time you are craving a hotdog, a frank or a sausage check these awesome places out, and you will be in for a treat!

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