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The Best Indie Horror Films of the Year

Here are some of this year’s best indie horror films according to me. Now before you get all dorky and say, “But Matt! Some of these are from 2014!” I’m going from last October to this October so relax, ok? If you’re looking for fun, terrifying or straight-up soul shattering, there’s something here for all tastes. Enjoy!


This horror-comedy from New Zealand is a perfect balance of comedy and genuine scares. A rebellious young woman is forced to move back in with her parents while she’s under house arrest and things start to go bump in the night. Bonus points for using the “Hello Moto” Motorola ringtone to terrifying effect.


We Are Still Here

This movie starts pretty tame but the final third is absolutely batshit. Its use of false jump-scares and wintry scenery make this an indie horror worth tracking down.


It Follows

A sexually-transmitted ghost? Why the hell not?! It Follows is a creepy tale of teenage possession with a killer score.



This won’t be out for a couple of months but I caught it at TIFF and it broke me. Five cops respond to a call at a rural house in Turkey and find a portal to hell. This is for advanced users only as it is VERY gory and unsettling.


What We Do in the Shadows

Another hilarious offering from New Zealand, What We Do in the Shadows follows a group of vampire roommates as they try to navigate normal life in the big city. This flick comes from the mind of Jemaine Clement of Flight Of The Conchords so you know it’s quality.


The Hallow

An Irish creature-feature that scared the wits out of fans at this year’s Toronto After Dark Festival. The Hallow teaches us (again) to stay out of the woods once we’ve been warned by a creepy local hillbilly.


Goodnight Mommy

Two Austrian twins living with their mother start to suspect she’s been replaced by an impostor after undergoing a facial surgery. The real life twins who star in this are creepy as hell and the finale will shock you.


For advanced audiences only:

I include these every year because they are my favourite horror films of all time but be warned — these are VERY intense and only for people that can handle ultra-violence.

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