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The best lattes in Toronto

Calling all coffee lovers!

With so many coffee shops in the city, sometimes it can be tough to figure out where to stop to get a piping-hot latte. Luckily for you, we’ve gathered some of the top spots in Toronto to grab a latte, whether it’s for the flavour or the art. From Early Bird Espresso to Hailed Coffee on Gerrard, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the best lattes in Toronto below.

Bulldog Coffee

This Toronto hot spot is definitely a go-to for latte lovers in the city. Most famously, Bulldog coffee offers up extravagant rainbow lattes like the one pictured above. Located at the Assembly Chef’s Hall in the Financial District, Bulldog also offers a cappucino-latte hybrid with two shots of espresso and a marshmallow latte prepared in a martini glass with a chocolate sauce-drizzled rim.

Early Bird Espresso

Early Bird Espresso serves up some delicious and beautiful lattes, with rotating beans from a variety of roasters like Pilot Coffee. If you’re feeling a little peckish, you can even indulge in some of their extravagant-looking breakfast toasts or some of their other selections of seasonal breakfast foods.

Sam James Coffee Bar

Sam James Coffee Bar has a whopping five locations across the city, each serving up some of the best lattes in Toronto. The cafe, which roasts their own coffee, not only makes amazing lattes, but even sells their own killer merchandise including shirts, mugs, and hats!

Versus Coffee

Located in the Financial district, Versus Coffee is another spot that offers up beautifully colourful lattes, but these ones use de Mello Palheta beans. Versus boasts a variety of latte flavours including turmeric, maple, and, most notably, rainbow.

Dark Horse Espresso

Dark Horse Espresso has some of the most balanced roasts in the city, making for delicious lattes that you can’t find anywhere else. With six locations across the city, you can find a Dark Horse no matter where you are in Toronto, so make sure to indulge in their latte that comes with a double shot of espresso, steamed milk, and a layer of foam on top.

Alcove Coffee

Alcove Coffee, which is connected to a photography studio in the Junction Triangle, offers up picture perfect lattes to match. From cat-faced matcha lattes to cute paw print cups of joe, you’ll be sure to get a latte you can’t help but post on Instagram.

Neo Coffee Bar

This King East cafe offers up both regular lattes and matcha lattes. Neo Coffee Bar is a slick, modern European-style espresso bar, and their delicious lattes come made with a custom blend of de Mello Palheta that brings out some sweet chocolate-flavoured notes.

Arvo Coffee

Head to Arvo Coffee in the Distillery District to sip on some of Toronto’s tastiest lattes, served with whole Quebec milk, while taking a stroll through one of the city’s most picturesque neighbourhoods. Arvo primarily sources its coffee from Calgary’s Phil and Sebastian and Edmonton’s Transcend.

Rustle & Still

Located in Koreatown, Rustle & Still sources beans directly from Vietnam, roasted by Hatch, which have different roasting profiles based on the brewing method. This place is truly unique, serving up purple sweet potato lattes that are made with roasted sweet potato puree and steamed milk.

Hailed Coffee on Gerrard

Head to Hailed Coffee on Gerrard to see the fusion between coffee and cardamom at this Toronto favourite. Their locations in Leslieville both offer Hailed’s very own roasts that come paired with their cardamom-infused Hail syrup, making for a unique twist to the classic latte.

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