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The Best Netflix Series To Watch Right Now

The fresh cold sting of a mid-April ice storm necessitating yet another round of clumsy Netflix and chill jokes (what is this – fifth winter?), once again, we’re all holed up in our apartments thumbing through our watch lists for something fresh, so we combed through Netflix’s freshest crop to find the best series to hunker down and binge. These are the best Netflix series to watch right now.


Although previously available regionally via Canada’s public broadcaster, Alias Grace only reached Canadian Netflix users just at the end of March, so we’re now set to take it all in in one big six-hour binge, free of ads the way the rest of the world has been enjoying it since its debut. Based on Margaret Atwood’s 1996 novel of the same name, the six-part limited series offers a fictionalized account of the ongoing trials of Grace Marks in 1840s Upper Canada, but under the period piece’s surface is an interrogation of the male gaze that resonates well beyond its historical setting, especially in the time of #metoo.


Life is sweet on the fourth season of Netflix’s celebrated docuseries Chef’s Table Pastry. The series’ most indulgent yet, the four-episode mini season points its lens at the decadent practices of inspired pastry chefs Christina Tosi, Corrado Assenza, Jordi Roca, and Will Goldfarb. It’s all decoratively presented with the artfully hypnotic cinematography you can expect from the series, so just be sure your wallet’s ready for the dessert menu the next time you dine out.


Netflix’s reboot of CBS’s campy ’60s sci-fi series about the family of space explorers that got thrown off course and lost its way retraces some well-trodden paths, but it ably updates the franchise’s working formula with some forward-thinking character design. It doesn’t hurt that the special effects are light years ahead of the 1998 big-screen version, either, but perhaps its most compelling mark lies beyond the three dimensions, employing some curious and thematically appropriate time hops in its storytelling to keep viewers questioning what’s happening on screen.


It’s misery as usual on season two of A Series of Unfortunate Events, just as we like it. Picking up right where the first season left off, we find the Baudelaires beginning their miserable stay at Prufrock Preparatory School as the season goes on to chart the episodic events of books five through nine of the novelized series. You know the drill: Count Olaf is still at large and hot on the orphan riches trail, there’s a very secret secret society, life is a abysmal, etc.


A six-part psychological thriller/mystery serial originally broadcast on BBC One, Requiem follows the adventures of Matilda Grey (Lydia Wilson), an award-winning cellist who comes to question her own identity after discovering a clipping about a missing child in her deceased mother’s belongings following her suicide. As Matilda seeks to learn the significance of the story and the truth to the cold case, each episode ups the creep factor with haunting revelations and disturbing reactions to her inquiries.

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