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The Best of Indie Rock Man-Dancing

If you’re trying to get an audience to pay attention to your band ​why not try some man-dancing? Don’t bother with choreography, just flail your limbs in whichever direction the music takes you. These frontmen have mastered the art of the indie rock man-dance:

Thom Yorke (Radiohead)
Remember the video for “Lotus Flower”? We saw a whole new side of Thom that was even more spastic than his onstage twitching in the 90s.


It was at the 1997 MTV Video Music Awards that Beck’s dancing hit its peak – when’s the last time you saw a grown man in a suit do the splits? Impressive!


Iggy Pop
Iggy’s stage presence is less “dancing” and more “leather-bone-sack in a drug-fuelled freakout” but it’s pretty entertaining to watch. And check out how solid The Stooges sound backing him up:


David Bowie and Mick Jagger
Who has the better moves in this 80s classic? This might be the greatest trench coat vs. silk shirt battle ever recorded! The chemistry is undeniable.


John O’Regan (Diamond Rings)
It turns out John was actually a basketball player in high school in Oshawa so he incorporated it into a sports-themed dance routine. When you’re part of a team you always have someone to help with your makeup!


Ian Curtis (Joy Division)
What was fuelling Ian’s onstage crazy-arms? Warm Carlsberg, according to the band who later talked about how it was just him “losing himself in the music.”


Samuel T Herring (Future Islands)
David Letterman sure seemed to love Samuel’s dancing when the band performed “Seasons” on The Late Show – he came to greet them saying “Whoa buddy! Come on! I’ll take all of that you got! That was wonderful!” It’s the most excited we’ve seen Dave in years.


Raina and I were so inspired we had a Future Islands dance-off – who did it better?

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