The Best of the Fake Twittersphere

Absolute twitter nonsense

Twitter is a strange beast. You either see it as a cesspool of narcissism and self-promotion or a platform to share small observations and exchange quick hits of information. Whatever your stance on Twitter, there’s no denying that some people have mastered the 140 character joke. Here are a few of my favorite fake/prank accounts. Some of these contain salty language, just a heads up.

Nihilist Arby’s @nihilist_arbys

This account takes fast food chain Arby’s to a very dark place. Life is meaningless: eat at Arby’s.


Bill Nye Tho @Bill_Nye_Tho__

A thugged-out Bill Nye the Science Guy? Yes please!


TTC Welps @ttcwelps

We all love to complain about our transit experiences, now we have a place to commiserate.


Modern Seinfeld @SeinfeldToday

Exactly what it says, an account that speculates what Seinfeld would be like today.


Councillor Mayor Frod @TOMayorFrod

We can’t forget about our good old fake mayor!


Not Burlington Coats @NotCoatFactory

A fake Burlington coat factory account that just keeps getting weirder.