The best open mic comedy in Toronto

Knock! Knock!

We could all use a laugh once in a while. When we aren’t trudging through the busy streets to and from our horrible day jobs; in between the all-important weekends, when we catch up on life’s annoying necessities, who couldn’t spare an hour or two to laugh themselves stupid? The glorious comedy club, a somewhat dated concept from the late 80’s / early 90’s, returns with a vengeance, popping up throughout our city and infecting everyday people with the confidence to get on stage and entertain. Here are some of the best spots to catch an amateur show.

Chez Helene

1437 Kingston Road


This east-end café is a perfect place to test your performing skills. Be it comedy, spoken word, poetry or interpretive dance, this venue features a small enough audience space (10-20) on which to cut your teeth before moving on to the big leagues.
Wednesdays @ 8pm.

120 Diner

120 Church Street


120 Diner, not to be confused with sister venue Club 120 next door, turns its intimidating stage (in the window, at street level) over to comedic hopefuls every Tuesday night.
Tuesdays @ 10pm.

Cameron House

408 Queen Street West

Cameron House

Every Monday night, the legendary Cameron House hosts five booked comedians and four lotto spots for confident newcomers. The famous back room Cameron House Comedy night has become a hot event in recent years, made all the more appealing by the typical CH hospitality.
Mondays @ 8pm – 9:30pm.

Imperial Pub

54 Dundas Street East

Imperial Pub

(Photo by Joshua Scott via Flickr)

Home to the Imperial Comedy show since 2006, this popular spot features a weekly host, with a line-up of fellow comedic upstarts, every Monday night. Each host is rotated after six months to ensure that the laughs are never stale.
Mondays @ 9pm. 19+ only.

Placebo Space

2877 Lakeshore Boulevard West


For those willing to go west for laughs, Placebo Space will prove to be a just reward. As comedy goes, Thursdays are typically reserved for the professionals, but Sunday night is all about the first timers. No cover and BONUS: $3.50 PBRs
Sundays @ 8pm-10pm.

The Groove Bar & Grill

1952 Danforth Avenue

The Groove Bar & Grill

Every Thursday night, seasoned pros mingle with the amateurs at this Danforth laugh shack. Celebrating their fifth year of Open Mic Comedy, The Groove continues to deliver the goods, as well as cheap drinks and good food.
Thursdays @ 10pm. 19+ only.

Yuk Yuk’s

224 Richmond Street West

Yuk Yuk's

The comedy club of all comedy clubs, this legendary Canadian institution is as professionally unprofessional as it gets—on Tuesday nights, anyway. Attracting the most discerning crowd of comedy connoisseurs, Yuk Yuk’s performers are not your average amateurs. Shows are always uncensored.
Tuesdays (two shows) @ 7:30pm & 9:30pm. 19+ only (16 – 18 if accompanied by an adult).

Absolute Comedy

2355 Yonge Street


This proper comedy club has played host to some seriously talented names. Graciously, they open the floor each Wednesday night to the newcomers.
Wednesdays @ 8:30pm. 19+ only (16 – 18 if accompanied by an adult).