The Best Oscars Moments of All-Time

Dig into our fav moments from the Oscars

This year marks the 89th Academy Awards, showcasing Hollywood’s top dogs from actors, directors, writers, and producers from the film industry. Check out the best of the best Oscar moments below!

Quick Slip

In 2013, Jenifer Lawrence took a little tumble on her way to snag her Best Actress award for Silver Linings Playbook. She kept it totally casual without blushing. Pretty impressive.


Smooching Siblings

Angie, Angie, Angie. Angelina Jolie scored herself Best Supporting Actress for her role in Girl, Interrupted at the Oscars in 2000. She started her acceptance speech off with a loving shout out to her brother, who she’s been known for getting a little too close with, and by close with we mean a case of the kissing cousins.

Angelina made sure to throw some smooches her brother’s way after her speech and of course, many times after that.

Marlon Brando Switch Up

Marlon Brando was awarded Best Actor for his role in The Godfather at the 1973 Oscars. Brando refused to attend the awards ceremony or even accept the award. He had a bigger plan up his sleeve. Sacheen Littlefeather was sent to the stage in honour of Marlon. Sacheen rejected the award (literally put her hand up and said no thanks) and instead focused on the importance of Native Americans and their role in the film industry. Such a powerful and respected statement. Check it out below!


Hattie McDaniel

1940 was a year that really stood out for African Americans in the television and film industry. Hattie McDaniel will forever be known as the first ever African American actor to win an Oscar. She was awarded for her supporting role as Mammy in Gone With the Wind. Even though Hattie broke through racial barriers, she was ushered to the back of the audience after receiving her award. That’s right, the Academy refused to allow Hattie to be seated with the rest of her cast from Gone With the Wind due to her skin colour.


Chest Hair and Acid

The creators of South Park, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, rolled up to the 72nd Oscar awards both in low-cut dresses while heavily under the influence of acid. Surprisingly they were very calm, cool, and collected during the red carpet interviews. See for yourself!


Girl Power

Halle Berry set records with her win of best actress at the 2002 Oscars for her role in Monsters Ball. Barry was the very first African American women to win Best Actress! Take a peek at her emotional acceptance below!


Franco and Hathaway

James Franco was pretty in pink at the 2011 Oscars when he hosted the Oscars with Anne Hathaway. Franco decided to channel his inner Monroe at one point by sporting a pink dress, blonde wig, and, of course, the fabulous mole.


Nude Intruder

Cheeks and all were spread across the stage at the 1974 Oscars. Robert Opel was a conceptual artist, photographer, and gay rights activist who was nominated for Best Picture that year. Opel was backstage waiting for his name to be announced as he scurried across the stage showing off the booty and throwing up a peace sign. Peace, love, and nakedness.

Image courtesy of Hollywood Reporter.

Avatar Ben

Ben Stiller made a statement at the 2010 Oscar’s where he presented the award for best makeup dressed up as an Avatar. Funny thing was, Avatar wasn’t even nominated for the award. Ben came to the stage hissing and making weird noises while doing his classic “I’m totally serious” face.


Miss Congeniality

Everyone’s favourite leading woman Sandra Bullock won Best Actress at the 2010 Oscars. She got a lot of credit for all of the amazing movies she worked on throughout her career. We know you love Bullock and if you don’t, you’re lying.


DiCaprio Finally Gets a Win

Leonardo DiCaprio has been nominated for an Oscar a total of six times. Let’s just say what everyone is already thinking, HE DESERVED THEM ALL, OKAY, HAVE YOU NEVER SEEN THE TITANIC? Okay, now that it’s been said, poor Leo had to wait until 2016 to finally snag an Oscar for Best Actor in a leading role for his role in The Revenant. I guess you have to snuggle into animal carcasses and snack on bison body parts to get noticed nowadays. Leo had lots of time to prep his acceptance speech. Trust us, it shows.

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