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The best paninis in Toronto

Paninis, toasties, sammies or whatever you like to call them are warm and filled with many tasty ingredients like cheese, turkey, pesto, sun-dried tomatoes and more.

The possibilities for paninis are endless, and they pair great with soups, chips, salads, coffee, and lattes.

Here are the best places to get paninis in the city of Toronto.

Forno Cultura

609 King St W, Toronto

Fortuna Cultura is a stylish and warm cafe that is rooted in quality and tradition. They are third-generation bakers that offer a true taste of Italy. This place offers an array of artisan-style Italian-inspired sandwiches and pastries, and they use natural ingredients and organic flours. Enjoy a panini, a latte and a apolloni with cream, its an insanely delicious combo. Their paninis have fillings like mushrooms, kale and mortadella.

Dante’s Inferno Paninoteca

1151 Davenport Rd

Dante’s Inferno Paninoteca is influenced by Dante Alighieri’s 14th-century epic poem, Dante’s Inferno. Dante’s menu offers paninis, pizza, and coffee ranging from heavenly flavours to hellish for those who can handle the heat. Their paninis come with fillings like meatballs, sausage, pork belly, and breaded eggplant.

Speducci Mercatto

46 Milford Ave

Speducci Meracutto is an Italian restaurant with a gourmet deli and artisanal food, both of which mix Italian tradition with a modern taste. They have award-winning cured and curated meat and also offer imported Italian goods. Their paninis are freshly made with fillings like steak, breaded veal and grilled chicken. They offer other items like pasta, pizza, salads, and cheeseboards.

Vinny’s Panini

787 Dupont St

Vinny’s Panini is an authentic Italian sandwich shop that serves fresh, quality food. Nothing here is pre-made! They offer a variety of classic paninis and also serve coffee and alcohol if you fancy a drink. Their paninis are filled with ingredients such as chicken, veal, rapini and even breaded eggplant.

Baretto Caffe

1262 Don Mills Rd Unit 106

Baretto’s Cafe is a modern and minimalist Italian spot that is dedicated to creating the perfect cup of coffee. They offer Italian favourites, such as paninis, pizza, soups and salads. They may shine when it comes to coffee, but their paninis are delicious and definitely worth trying. They have paninis made with prosciutto, veggie and even tuna.


1617 Dupont St

Mattachioni is a little bodega that is big on taste. They are pizza extraordinaires and they also serve Italian sandwiches on house-baked bread, plus salads and other tasty treats. Their paninis are made with fresh ingredients and tasty fillings like mortadella and slow-roasted pork.

Porta Via

5399 Eglinton Ave W #104

Porta Via is a shop that focuses on providing health-conscious lunches. Their ingredients are from local suppliers that are sustainable. Their menu offers paninis, salads and homemade soups. Their paninis are made with fillings like chicken, steak, grilled veggies and more.

The Shmooz

590 Pape Ave

The Shmooz is all about serving quality food that is fresh, simple and delicious. Their menu offers an array of items such as soups, salads, croissants, parfaits, baked goods, and paninis. They also offer organic loose leaf tea and free wifi. Their paninis are made with fillings like chicken, beef, veggies and aged cheddar.

Nook Cafe

469 A King St W

The Nook Cafe is a cozy underground shop that is all about paninis. They serve a variety of paninis that are made with fillings like grilled veggies, fish, turkey, chicken and more. Their menu also offers salads, smoothies, and espresso drinks.

Fusaro’s Italian Kitchen

147 Spadina Ave

Fusaro’s Italian kitchen is a snug Italian eatery with rustic vibes that serves homestyle pasta, pizza and paninis. Their paninis are made with a variety of fillings and meats, such as salami, grilled chicken, Italian tuna, grilled veggies, breaded veal and more.

Sud Forno

716 Queen St W

Sud Forno is a shop that has been around since the early 90’s, with traditional Italian roots. They serve simple food with fresh ingredients that is bold in Italian flavour. Their menu offers items like pizza, salads, desserts, gelato, baked goods and paninis. Their paninis are filled with ingredients like eggplant, prosciutto, salmon and more.

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