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The best places for soup and a sandwich in Toronto

The best places for soup and a sandwich in Toronto are casual cafes, diners, and delicatessens specializing in classic comfort recipes.

These are some of the best places to grab a soup and sandwich in the city.

RAVI SOUPS | 322 Adelaide St. W

With five locations across downtown, late chef Ravi Kanagarajah’s soups are a popular go-to for bar crowds and students looking to fill hungry stomachs with hearty, warm comfort. Paired with a wraps, a combo will run you $11.49-$14.49.

MAHA’S | 226 Greenwood Ave.

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Named after head chef and matriarch Maha Barsoom, Maha’s is a family-operated Egyptian brunch spot in Little India. For those leaning closer towards lunch, we recommend a bowl of their award-winning vegan lentil soup with a butter-sautéed date-studded Gouda, havarti and Swiss grilled cheese sandwich for $12.

CAPLANSKY’S | 356 College St.

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Zane Caplansky’s namesake delicatessen is a stronghold for Jewish comfort food. Drop in for a deli classic sandwich and a homemade cabbage borscht, split pea and smoked meat, or matzoh ball chicken soup for $13.95, or $19.95 with a tall pint of their collaboration with Barley Days Brewery, the Deli King Dark Lager.

PULP KITCHEN | 717 Queen St. E

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Known for their expansive line of unique, cleanse-happy, nutrient-rich juices, Pulp Kitchen also hedge their bets with a handful of options for those seeking something more than a liquid lunch. $12 gets you a lunch combo pairing your choice of flax bread vegan sandwiches or gluten-free wrap with the soup du jour.

WANDA’S PIE IN THE SKY | 287 Augusta Ave.

Wanda’s is known for its selection of decadent dessert pies, but the vegetarian Kensington café also serves a hearty main course. Pair the soup of the day with a creamy avocado sandwich for $7.50.


Saffron Spice Kitchen is a lunch and supper spot trafficking in dishes from India and Sri Lanka. Hit the Queen and Spadina restaurant and blow your mind (without scorching your wallet) and pair a veggie, curry lamb, or tandoori chicken wrap with chicken and lentil, butternut squash, mulligatawny, or split pea soup for $7-$8.50.

MURGATROID | 568 Parliament St

Bringing Cajun recipes to Cabbagetown, Murgatroid is a sustainably minded café cooking up southern diner comforts with locally sourced ingredients. When dining in, pair their signature Murgatroid sandwich (roast chicken with goat gouda, alfalfa sprouts, mayonnaise, and pepper relish) with one of their seasonal soups and a (non-alcoholic) drink for an extra $5 ($15.50 total).

OM GRILLED CHEESE | 66 ½ Nassau St.

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OM Grilled Cheese took over the space formerly occupied by disgraced sandwich shop The Grilled Cheese last year, and new owners Mark Andrade (Greenwood Smokehouse) and Oscar Cabrera brought with them a new menu of decadent triangles. Now the gooey options on offer range from the classic cheddar and mozzarella to more extravagant affairs like the Roman Holiday (asiago, provolone, mozzarella, tomato, black olive pesto, and arugula). Make the right move and couple one with a bowl of creamy tomato bisque for dunking, together starting at $9.

SOUP NUTSY | 120 Adelaide St. W, 222 Bay St., 200 Wellington St. W

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Rotating through a repertoire of over 200 recipes on any given day, PATH staple Soup Nutsy offers no less than 15 daily gourmet soup options to choose from. Pair your choice of the day’s variety of meat, poultry, seafood, vegan, and gluten-free bowls with a sandwich or a wrap for $8.75-$11.75.

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