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The best places to get Empanadas in Toronto

Latin-American food is diverse and distinct, made up of different spices, ingredients, making it full of flavor. There are so many tasty dishes like arepas, pupusas, ceviche, tacos, and of course the ever so popular empanada.

An empanada is a Spanish or Latin American pastry turnover filled with a variety of savory ingredients that is baked or fried. They can be made savory or sweet, made with a variety of fillings, such as meat, veggies, fruit and more.

Check out the best places to get empanadas in Toronto below.

House of Empanadas

19 Curity Ave #15, East York


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House of Empanadas is an artisan gourmet spot that is all about simple, fresh, natural and local ingredients without artificial flavors. You can buy their empanadas and cook them in the comfort of your own home. They have a variety of empanadas like Canadian beef, paprika chicken, chorizo and cheese, spinach and more!

El Almacen

1078 Queen St. W


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El Almacen is an Argentinian cafe that is well known for their empanadas and mate, a tea infusion drink. Their menu has a variety of food such as sandwiches, salads, empanadas, and a brunch menu. They also have drink menu with coffee, lattes, teas and more. The empanadas are simply delicious, made with beef, chicken, spinach and cheese, and ham and cheese. They even have an empanada and soup special!

El Venezolano

818 Danforth Ave.


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El Venezolano is a Venezuelan, family-run restaurant that serves arepas, cachapas and, of course, empanadas. Other items on the menu include patacon, seafood, Venezuelan chocolate milk and three variations of dessert shakes. Their empanadas come in regular and mini-size with fillings of ground beef or cheese and beef, all served with a tasty sauce and cabbage.

The Empanada Company

122 Fortieth St., Etobicoke


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The Empanada Company is a Chilean restaurant that makes delicious empanadas made with yummy fillings and variations inspired by countries around the world. Their empanadas are handcrafted, made with fresh ingredients with no preservatives or additives. They have three empanadas to choose from, contemporary, mini, and traditional. Other items on their menu include tamales, desserts, sides, dips and drinks.

Vos Restaurante Argentino

847 College St.


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Vos Restaurante Argentino is an Argentinean steakhouse specializing in charcoal-grilled meats, cocktails, and wine. Their menu also offers pasta, sides, desserts and Argentinian style empanadas. Their empanadas are made with top quality beef that is leaner, rich in taste, and free from hormones and antibiotics. Other fillings include chorizo, mozzarella, and pancetta.

Don Late Cafe

1165 St Clair Ave. W


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Don Late Cafe is a coffee shop that serves pastries, sweets, coffee, lattes, juices, and empanadas. Their menu is inspired by Peruvian and South American traditional pastries. Their menu also offers tamales, sandwiches, and snacks. The empanadas come in beef, chicken, and spinach, and they even offer special empanadas made with salted beef and creamed chicken.

La Empanada Cafe

4000 Steeles Ave W. #16, Woodbridge


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La Empanada Cafe is an Argentinian, family-operated restaurant. They offer a variety of home-style cooking such as empanadas, churros, baked goods, authentic Argentinian BBQ and even Canadian-style breakfast. Other items include cold and hot drinks, sandwiches and salads. Their empanadas are made with fillings such as ham and cheese, beef, and chicken.

Jumbo Empanadas


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Jumbo Empanadas is a Chilean restaurant that has been around since 1991. Their empanadas are made with fresh ingredients like beef, chicken, cheese or veggie. Other food items that they serve include a Chilean salad, corn pie, spicy salsa, and alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

AMA Always

930 Queen St. W


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AMA Always is a restaurant that serves Argentinian food, cocktails and has a rustic and club-like vibe. On their menu, they have items like ceviche, chori-pan, a seven-ounce beef, empanadas, and more. Their empanadas are made with meat and veggies that are tasty and savory, served with chimichurri and parm.

Marjo Bakery

2838 Victoria Park Ave.


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Marjo Bakery is a family-run bakery that serves all kinds of sweet and savory treats and baked goods. They offer cakes, mousses, rolls, tarts, sandwiches, churros and more. They also serve empanadas that come in two flavors, beef and chicken. These delicious pastries are definitely worth a try!

Colombian Streetfood

707 Dundas St. W, Toronto


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Colombian Street Food by Cookie Martinez serves traditional Colombian home-style cooking with a modern twist. A unique feature is that they actually cook with edible insects. Their empanadas come filled with beef, chicken, or veggies. Other food items include arepas, patacones, cookies, brownies and cold drinks. They even have a cricket empanada, so if you are feeling brave enough, try it out!

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