The best places to get fondue in Toronto

Warm up your insides with chocolate or cheese fondue

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of sitting with a bowl of melted cheese or chocolate and slowly eating your way through it.

Whether that’s to experience exquisite savoury dining or maybe just satisfy a sweet-tooth craving, this list will help you navigate Toronto’s endless fondue options.

Check out the best places to get fondue in Toronto below.


18 King St E

Appropriately named “Beerbistro,” this restaurant offers one of the widest selections of beer in Toronto, which makes it a top choice for fondue. A bowl to share amongst friends while trying various specialty beers makes for a perfect night out.

Le Swan

892 Queen St W

This fancy French diner only serves fondue after 11 p.m., making this a unique dining experience. A blend of white wine, garlic, nutmeg, white pepper and lemon juice, this mouth-watering fondue is worth the late-night trek.

Otto’s Bierhalle

1087 Queen St W

Run by the same people who own Otto’s Berlin Doner, this restaurant offers a generous amount of local and imported beers to sip on while you eat your way through the menu. Offering a variety of German-inspired meals, there’s plenty of savoury options to pair with this creamy fondue.

Caren’s Rosedale

1118 Yonge St

Not sure if you’re feeling sweet or savoury fondue? You’re in luck, because Caren’s Rosedale offers both! Make your way up to Rosedale station for warm baguettes and tender prosciutto that you can dip in tantalizing cheese fondue. For dessert, treat yourself to an array of fruit and decadent melted chocolate.

Barberian’s Steak House

7 Elm St

The wine cellar with an impressive 15,000 bottles of wine is reason alone to dine at this steakhouse. Their website calls themselves “the most famous steakhouse in Canada,” with an endless choice of entrees. Cheese or beef fondue for two is offered after 10 p.m., complimenting any juicy steak on their menu.

Good Cheese

614 Gerrard St E

This artisan cheese shop is conveniently located in the heart of Chinatown and offers a wide selection of cheese for purchase. Customers can also dine-in and order delicious sandwiches, charcuterie boards and fondue to enjoy in store.

Away Kitchen + Café

680 College St, 536 Queen St W

If you’re vegan and still looking for a fondue experience, head over to Away Kitchen + Café. With two locations in the city, this plant-based restaurant serves fondue in an Italian bread bowl for you to dip your bread in as you eat.

Reservoir Lounge

52 Wellington St E

For live jazz, swing and blues performances, stop by this St. Lawrence Market restaurant to dance into the night after a hearty meal. To put the cherry on top of your dinner and a show, order the chocolate fondue for two to indulge in.


485 Queen St W | 28 Gristmill Lane

For those looking for a dessert spot, check out Cacao70 at one of two locations in the city. Chock-full of fondue options starting at $12.95 like chocolate and peanut butter, black and white, matcha and chocolate, and more, there’s an option for everybody’s chocolate preferences.

Art Square Cafe

334 Dundas St W

Art lovers, look no further for a chocolate fondue experience. Located across the Art Gallery of Ontario, this café is filled with unique paintings to examine while you eat various Mediterranean and Turkish meals or an array of desserts. The chocolate fondue for two comes with seasonal fruit and crepe rolls, satisfying anybody’s taste buds.