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The best places to get hot pot in Toronto

It may be warming up, but while the weather is a still a little chillier, you’ve got to make some time for the best hot pot in Toronto.

Hot pot is a unique dining experience and a must-try on every foodie’s list. A simmering pot of your choice of broth is placed in the middle of the table and you choose a delicious blend of ingredients to add to the pot, including meat, seafood, vegetables or noodles.

If that doesn’t sound mouth-watering enough, you also have an array of dipping sauces to choose from to top it all off.

Check out the best hot pot in Toronto below.

Chine Legendary Hot Pot & Noodles

327 Spadina Avenue, Unit A


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For just $25 per person, you can get an all-you-can-eat (AYCE) hot pot experience for an abundance of options to satisfy your curious taste buds. One of the highest-rated hot pot restaurants in Toronto, this spot is conveniently located in Chinatown. To cool off, order the watermelon slices as a refreshing dessert.

Liuyishou Hotpot Downtown Toronto

254 Spadina Avenue


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Known for the incredible kick of its spicy broth, this hot pot restaurant will leave your mouth blazing with flavour. The self-serve, mix-and-match dipping sauce station is reason enough to visit, as the wide selection offers many ways to top off your dishes. We recommend you make reservations ahead of time because this popular restaurant is always packed.

Happy Lamb Hot Pot

421 Dundas St W

The potato and noodle soup is one of the tastiest options at Happy Lamb Hot Pot, enhanced by rich combination of spices. Accompanied by free plum juice or soy milk, this experience is all-encompassing with its assortment of flavours. Located by the Art Gallery of Ontario, the $15 AYCE lunch is definitely worth it.

Beijing Hot Pot Restaurant

107 Parkway Forest Dr.


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The quality of the sauces at this location are worth writing home about. Despite having only a handful of options in comparison to other hot pot restaurants, the delectable peanut sauce elevates the flavour of the tender meat, particularly the lamb or beef. This hot spot restaurant near Don Mills station warrants the drive or commute.

Roadside Picnic

438 Dundas St W


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This restaurant uses skewers for their ingredients, which often makes it easier to dip and cook in the broth. To  the taste of your broth, we recommend adding tomato to any pot. This adds yet another level of taste to the flavourful broth for your palette to experience.


416 Spadina Avenue


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The food here also arrives on skewers, easing the hot pot experience for any first-timers. One of the best options at this restaurant is the liver in a vegetable soup broth, which offers a delightfully sweet and spicy combination.

XiangZi Hot Pot

3989 Hwy 7


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For those living outside of the city, this Markham location will wow you with its large size and impeccable decor. Once you pay a base price of $39.55 for the hot pot, you can head over to the incredible buffet where you can choose as many ingredients as you’d like. Although the price point is higher than most hot pot locations within the GTA, the endless options of food definitely make it worth it.

Kungfu Hotpot Skewer

9390 Woodbine Ave, Unit 2R3


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The rolls of succulent red meat are one of the tastiest options at this restaurant. To balance all the savoury flavours, you can order peach blossom tea which acts as the perfect sweet companion. Also located outside of Toronto, the drive to this Markham restaurant is worth it for the several options of meat, including ginger beef, spicy beef and chicken intestine.


Coconut Seasons

203-668 Silver Star Blvd


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This hot pot restaurant offers a unique base soup of chicken and coconut. Two sliced coconuts are boiled right before your eyes and a server arrives to add a third one to the broth. Before diving into your ingredients, try out the broth blend for an appetizing blend of flavours.

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