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The Best Places to Smoke Pot “Legally” in Toronto

The best places to smoke pot in Toronto “legally” are welcoming, members-only, strictly cannabis clubs devoted to empowering a community of medicinal and recreational marijuana users. Operating mainly as retail shops or eateries, these businesses seize on privacy laws that prevent them from asking for medicinal status and invite all pot heads out of the streets and into comfortable, social environments, ultimately working to normalize the substance and provide a valued harm-reduction service. The only rules (and these are across the board): cannabis only (no tobacco, alcohol, salvia or other non-cannabis products), members get high on their own supplies (no sharing, mooching, asking, fishing, or dealing), and you must be 18 or older.


Hot Box Puff Lounge

204 Augusta Ave.

Formerly the Hot Box Café, Kensington’s Hot Box moved to the back of Roach-O-Rama on Augusta in 2012, where it’s operated as a vapour lounge space visitors can comfortably hang out and play board games or video games in since, while the outdoor “potio” is perfect for warmer weather. While all this means no more kitchen (and no more grilled cheese), they do keep a snack bar stocked for imminent munchies and cover includes a drink or snack.

Cover: $5 daily, $20 crew card for seven visits and members lounge access.


Beach Buzz Vapor Lounge

1980 Queen St. E #200

This cash only vapour lounge hosts weekly comedy nights and yoga classes. Memberships cover use of vaporizers, Wi-Fi, TV, Netflix, Android TV, music, board games, and live entertainment.

Cover: $5 daily, $12 weekly, $24 monthly, $95 yearly.


The House of Yoga/High Times

714 Bloor St.

Head to the back of the Conscious Consumption head shop on Bloor and you’ll find the city’s haziest yoga studio. Here, between regular hatha yoga classes, you’ll find Thai-yoga massage practitioner and medical herbologist Lucelene Pancini’s House of Yoga, a sanctuary for mindfulness, meditation, and medication where classes have the option of bringing their own herb and joining a community in a ganja-guided yoga class.

Cover: First class $20 (or four for $40)/after: $25 drop in, $110 five-class pass, $190 10-class pass.


Planet Paradise

51 Winchester St.

Self described as an “upscale members only vapour lounge,” Planet Paradise’s Cabbagetown clubhouse promises its future members an atmosphere that is elegant, relaxed, safe, and friendly. Tables are candlelit, while wall-mounted fireplaces lend the room a cozy atmosphere. Meanwhile, check out the dab bar.

Cover: $5 daily; contact for monthly and annual membership rates.


Vape on the Lake

2985 Lakeshore Blvd. W

This Etobicoke vapor lounge is a regular laugh factory with comedy events every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday night. Encouraging a relaxed atmosphere, members have access to satellite radio, free Wi-Fi, and use of electric nails for dabs and vaporizers (bags available at additional fee or bring your own from home).

Cover: $5 daily, $200 yearly, contact for monthly membership info.


(Main photo by podolux via Flickr)

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