The Best Reactions to Today’s Cannabis Legalization

There's obviously a little of Snoop Dizzle

Happy legalization day, everyone!

All of you closet smokers and spliff rollers must be feeling like a kid on Christmas morning today. Maybe you stayed up until midnight to order a little Mary Jane online or you’re ready to have a funky brownie to start your day.

We’ve put together some of the best reactions to Legalization Day to give you a giggle (not that you’ll need any more help with that today).

When you all got called out


The CN Puffer


It’s getting a little foggy up in here


All hail the Marijuana Master


Seriously, thank Snoop Dogg


Don’t worry, guys


All for the low price of $82.95


The munchies are going to hit hard


We’re all just out here trying to be good citizens


A little Bingo anybody?


The most Canadian reaction of them all