The Best Shawarma in Toronto

These spots offer all kinds of shawarma and some are vegan and vegetarian-friendly

Shawarma is a delicious Middle Eastern dish full of flavor and spices that will satisfy all your tastes buds.

It is meat cut into thin slices, that has been slowly roasted and stacked on a vertical rotisserie. Shawarma is made of lamb, chicken, turkey, beef or veal, often served on a plate, wrap or pita. It is a popular street food that is great for on the go.

Check out the best places to get shawarma in Toronto below.

Shawarma Empire

1823 Lawrence Ave E

Shawarma Empire is a small joint that is big in flavour. This place serves Middle Eastern dishes that are made from scratch, free from preservatives. Their menu offers beef and chicken shawarma served on a plate or in a sandwich, as well as salads, soups, and appetizers.

Ghadir Meat

1846-1848 Lawrence Ave E

Ghadir Meat is a butcher and grocery shop that also serves shawarma. They offer Middle Eastern roasted meats and other basics. Their shawarma is made with fresh ingredients full of flavour from their unique spice blend. Their menu also offers BBQ platters, Manakeesh and a variety of sides.

Euro Shawarma

2706 Keele St

Euro Shawarma serves up Lebanese cuisine that is fresh, delicious, healthy food that is organically produced. Their food is rich in flavour and just so appetizing. Their menu offers beef and chicken shawarma, souvlaki, salads and sides.

Johnny’s Shawarma

1904 Kennedy Rd

Johnny’s Shawarma is a snug low key spot that serves up healthy middle eastern food. Their food is top quality, that is delicious and full of flavour. Their menu offers sandwiches, all-day specials, plates, and desserts. They also have vegan and vegetarian options.

Aish Tanoor

994 Eglinton Ave W

Aish Tannor is a Kosher Middle Eastern restaurant that serves up one the tastiest shawarma in the city. Their menu offers breakfast and lunch platters, sandwiches, chicken and beef shawarma, appetizers and more.


668 Yonge St

M’Zaar serves up premium Lebanese cuisine and shawarma. The food is made with the finest ingredients that are fresh and delicious. Their menu offers an array of delicious dips and bites, salads, wraps, super saj rolls and more.

Dr. Laffa Restaurant

3027 Bathurst St

Dr Laffa serves Kosher Middle eastern cuisine, that serves favourites like shawarma and falafel. Their food is full of flavour made with fresh ingredients that is prepared right in front of you. Their menu offers appetizers, sandwiches, sides, desserts and more.

Bab Tuma

2038 Lawrence Ave E

Bab Tuma is a Middle Eastern restaurant that specializes in fried chicken and chicken shawarma. The shawarma rotates for hours and is served on a plate or in a sandwich. The portions are big and affordable, and their menu also offers BBQ, side dishes, falafel, and fries.

Taste of Shawarma

2488 Dufferin St

Taste of Shawarma is a Middle Eastern takeout shop perfect for on the go. This spot serves items that are slathered with hummus and loaded with a choice of chicken or beef shawarma, falafel balls or gyro. They also have all the fresh vegetables and pickled turnips your heart desires.

Dormet Grill Kabob And Shawarma

2777 Steeles Ave W

Dormet Grill serves is a low-key spot that serves pitas filled with shawarma meats, grilled kebabs, and lunch specials. Their food is healthy and delicious and they even have their own signature hot sauce. Their menu offers plates, wraps, side dishes, desserts and more.

Ibrahim B.B.Q. Shawarma

1967 Lawrence Ave E

Ibrahim BBQ is Middle Eastern spot offering up pitas filled with shawarma meats, grilled kebabs, and lunch specials. They are known for their tasty chicken shawarma. Their menu also offers rotisserie chicken, stews, plates, and sides.