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The Best Spots To Take Photos in Toronto At Dusk

Here in Toronto, we’re unbelievably lucky to have such a gorgeous skyline. As the sun sets every night, it never gets old watching the last remaining streaks of sun diminish into the skyline, peeking through downtown streets. For any local photography enthusiasts in need of some new subjects to shoot, you’d be hard-pressed not to find some great sunset shots in the city. Keep in mind low light photos can be tricky, so make sure you’ve got a camera that is up to the challenge – we recommend the Samsung Galaxy S9+. Here are just a few spots to take photos at dusk you should check out.

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Trillium Park

Aye Toronto!?

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One of the city’s newest parks is a fantastic place to get a final glimpse of the sun as it sets over the city. With one of the best east-facing views of the skyline, as well as a open air pavilion that lets light through in a glorious haze — this park truly has it all.

Humber Bay Arch Bridge

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This west-end architectural marvel sits right atop the intersection of the Humber River and Lake Ontario. This spot is great for watching the sunset across the lake, as well as capturing long exposure shots of bikes crossing the bridge.


The Royal Ontario Museum is one of Toronto’s busiest spots, not just for museum goers, but for photographers looking to capture its glorious northern facade.


Polson Pier

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As the sun sets, there’s fewer places that let the light through Toronto’s immaculate skyline as well as Polson Pier.

Toronto Islands

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This one is a bit of a trek, but if you are up for a day trip, head to Toronto Island for an incredible view of the city. Looking northwest from Hanlan’s Point will give you an unobstructed view of Toronto like you’ve never seen. We highly recommend having a person or object in frame to play with the perspective and give the photo a sense of depth.

Exhibition Gates

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Get away from the modern, contemporary-looking financial district and head to the exhibition grounds for a taste of Toronto’s history. Princes’ Gates, otherwise known as Exhibition Gates, make for a stunning image against the backdrop of a Toronto sunset’s warm hues.

Riverdale Park

Few east-end spots and parks have the kind of jaw-dropping view of Toronto that Riverdale Park does. Located only a few minutes away from Broadview Station, it’s the height of Riverdale Park’s hillside that makes you feel as if you are sitting on a mountain high above the city. Where else can you see nearly the entire east-facing skyline become silhouettes against the setting sun?



Anywhere up high

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While we don’t advise you to start scaling any building, if you have access to rooftops in the financial district, you’re in luck. Some of the coolest shots of sunsets are taken from the top floors or building in the city, and as per the photo above, you can tell why.


Graffiti Alley

Arguably the best time to take photos in one of Toronto’s most photographed spots is right at the end of the day. This is because as the sun sets, not only do most of the city’s tourists begin to leave, but the twilight bounces off the colours of the graffiti-covered walls makes for a stunning image.
David Crombie Park

David Crombie Park is undoubtedly one of Toronto’s most photographed spots, but for good reason. Partially inspired by the legendary picture by Bora Vs. Bora, photographers have been flocking to photograph this basketball court mural along the Esplanade to capture the essence of urban living.


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Photo by Daniel Novykov on Unsplash

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