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The Best Stuff To Do By Yourself in Toronto

Maybe your friends have plans, or your plans fell through, or you ended up with a day off that you didn’t expect — or maybe, you just want to be without social obligations and hang out with your own hot self for some time. Some people like the solitude of their own space, where they can catch up on some binge watching or binge reading. But if you’re not keen on that, or are starting to feel bad because Netflix thinks you’re likely no longer alive, here are some ideas to get you out and about, even on your lonesome.

St. Lawrence Market

You can choose whether you go on a busy Saturday morning or a more casual Wednesday morning — either way, try going it alone and you won’t have to worry about linking arms with your cohorts so you don’t lose them in the crowds. Bonus: spend as much time as you want smelling the cheese without worrying about where to go/what to see next/who is judging you for standing around and smelling the cheese for extended periods of time.

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Toronto Reference Library

Embrace your isolation and be one with the books. Don’t feel like reading? The Toronto Reference Library hosts numerous programs, speakers, and musical performances at all hours of the day. Play your cards right, and you could actually spend almost 12 hours in a day keeping relatively busy. Ideally, you’ll learn something new to share when your friends are game for hanging out again.


Watch Something On Your Own Terms

How often have you enjoyed a movie, comedy show, or spoken word event like no other, only to find that the friend you’re partaking it with is not having it? Forget having to compromise on something you can both (or all) enjoy — go see whatever it is your heart desires.

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Support the (Local) Arts

If you haven’t taken in major attractions — the ROM, the AGO, the Gardiner Museum, the Aga Khan Museum — by yourself, take all the time you want to wander around the places you’re used to seeing with others. Better yet, try something new, like 401 Richmond, Division Gallery, the Power Plant, Corkin Gallery, or Stuck Contemporary Art Gallery.

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Take a Class

Diving solo into lessons is a brilliant way to make sure you stay focused to learn. Consider time at the Toronto School of Burlesque, the Second City Training Centre, or Creative Living courses at Hart House at U of T.


Get Outside

Now’s your chance to start training for a race, or to just take a stroll outdoors with no obligation to engage in conversation or turn left when you really want to go right. Visit Allan Gardens, Kew-Balmy beach, Toronto Islands, or one of the city’s cemeteries to enjoy peace and quiet with a touch of nature.

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People Watch

Get your favourite drink, wear your darkest sunglasses and sit in the spot of your choosing — pub patio, park bench, landmark steps, patch of grass. You won’t be distracted by idle chatter, and can totally indulge in the art of people watching — sometimes the best way to spend alone time is by being surrounded by hundreds of strangers, going about their own lives.

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